Copy of Down jackets worn by athletes from various countries in the 2022 Winter Olympics

The Beijing Winter Olympics are finally here!

The opening ceremony used the world's largest ground screen, and the light and shadow show was quite fantastic. Fluttering green grass and dandelions bring the breath of spring.

The water of the Yellow River is elegant in the air, and the five rings of crystal ice and snow rising from the Ice Cube are particularly romantic.

Looking closely, the five rings are also flashing with white crystal light spots, and the details of the Chinese patterns in the background are full marks.

At this opening ceremony, the romance of Chinese culture can be felt everywhere. The sign of the admission delegation is Snowflake Chinese knot

At the feet of the athletes are Chinese-style doors and windows with ice sculpture effects. For this reason, the main creative team also "studied thousands of Chinese doors and windows and auspicious patterns".

At the end of the admission ceremony, the Chinese team played in a red full of momentum.

The uniform of the Chinese delegation, this time, instead of the sportswear style of previous years, was designed in the style of a coat, with a felt hat and a scarf in the color of the national flag, it looked very warm. Dahong's "war shirt" is even more festive, especially encouraging.

The other teams participating in the entry ceremony also have a lot to watch. Like the Canadian team wearing Lululemon, the style is a bit fashionable.

Finland's "Fifty Shades of Grey" also made many netizens look at it, thinking it was a group of little penguins.

Among them, the most eye-catching is the strong American Samoan man who replaced Tonga's younger brother. He was also convinced when he entered the field shirtless in the subzero temperature.

In addition to the above mentioned, the uniforms of the major teams in this Winter Olympics are a lot to watch, not only the national style, the national flag color block stitching style uniforms have appeared one after another, and many teams have chosen the prosperous equipment.

Today, I will give you an inventory of what the athletes at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics wore.
Team China: Combining Tradition and Modernity
As the host, the Chinese delegation has won 194 seats this year. A total of 176 Olympic athletes will compete in 7 major events, 15 sub-events and 104 small events. Not only the scale of participation has hit a new high in previous Winter Olympics, but it is also the first time that China has participated in all major events in the same Winter Olympics, which is quite exciting.

This time, the competition equipment of the Chinese Legion is still provided by Anta in all directions, from the competition uniform to the award-winning uniform.

Anta has a similar model "Galaxy Surge Series", which adopts warm and hot technology, and has the same national flag and Winter Olympics emblem, which is of great commemorative significance.

Visually concise and atmospheric, the version is also very linear. Inspired by the Chinese character "中", the red line in the middle represents the central axis of the capital Beijing. The collar also adopts the round stand-up collar and knots of the Tang suit, and the design is both traditional and modern.

"The stand-up collar and knots are different and easy to use, and the red lines on both sides together with the line in the middle form the Chinese character '中', giving people a sense of upward movement. It is very expressive.

However, there are still obvious differences in details between the Winter Olympic models and the Summer Olympic models. The previous color block splicing design has been replaced with clearer lines. The lines meet on the central axis, which also means that China, as the host, welcomes guests from all over the world. , "the world's common prosperity" bearing.

In order to keep warm, the Winter Olympics award-winning clothes are made of dense warm fleece material, which is lightweight and warm, and the whole is made of double-layer composite materials, which not only ensures a stiff version, but also takes into account the warmth.

The design of gradient ink splash + auspicious clouds in Phnom Penh is very well received. Not only does it visually improve the waistline, but many netizens also joked that "the cuffs are no longer afraid of getting dirty, and my mother will praise it when she sees it."

In this Winter Olympics, the short track speed skating team competition is dangerous, so it pays more attention to safety protection. The upgraded 360° whole body anti-cutting technology is adopted. The anti-cutting strength is 15 times that of steel wire, and the technology index is very high.

Gu Ailing's ski suits will also be provided by Anta, equipped with Anta's PROTECTION protection technology, and the dragon pattern on the shoulders is full of domineering.

In addition to the exquisite shape of the Chinese team, the clothing of other teams is also very interesting. Let's take a look at different design styles.
red fire wind
In addition to our China Red, many countries in the delegation of many countries have designed the prosperous color matching into the opening ceremony clothes and award clothes, which looks particularly festive.
The uniform of the Canadian team is this prosperous style. The color is drawn from the red of the maple leaf flag. It is made by the Canadian yoga wear brand Lululemon and looks full of vitality.

The opening attire consisted of a down jacket and two-wear parka with removable sleeves to make a vest, and a strap on the inside that allowed the garment to be worn as a backpack for a variety of temperatures.

The athlete also posted it as soon as he arrived in Beijing, and the whole set of looks was red from head to toe

The award-winning clothes are also in this style from all red. The trousers and inner wear are also designed in the style of tights and quick-drying clothes. The design is simple and has a strong sense of movement.

The competition uniform has a tie-dye print design, which is more in line with Lululemon's fashionable sports style.

Compared with the opening ceremony, Canada's closing ceremony uniforms are a lot more low-key, and the overall design is beige.

Switzerland also chose red as the main color of the uniform. The design and color inspiration are likely to come from the Swiss red and white cross flag, which was created by the local Swiss brand Ochsner Sport. This is also the first time that the Swiss delegation wore a local brand at the Winter Olympics. clothing.

The shadow of the Swiss flag can also be seen from the details, and the overall design is relatively conventional.

Of course, wearing the red Denmark team is not much less.

Ethnic & College Style
Large-scale international events such as the Winter Olympics are also a good opportunity for various countries to showcase their national culture. Many delegations have adopted the "most dazzling national style", and there are also many "college style" players. Like East Timor, they come directly in national costumes, and the headwear is also very eye-catching.

Nigeria's "cabbage hat" is also quite eye-catching. The sportswear is from the brand Active Black.

There is also the traditional print of the Iranian team, and the breath of "northeast wind" blows.

Russian Olympic Organizing Committee
Russia was sentenced to be banned from participating in the Olympic Games, World Cup and other competitions for two years because of the previous drug-doping controversy. Athletes without drug-doping problems can participate in the name of the Olympic Committee, but they cannot use the Russian flag or show other national symbols, national anthems. Also replaced by Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto.
For this Winter Olympics, the Russian brand ZASPORT has designed a series of clothing for the team, and it is said that there are more than 450 new uniforms.

Since the national symbols of Russia cannot be used, in order to show uniqueness, ZASPORT has ingeniously turned maps into prints and printed them on clothes. These maps include Lake Baikal, Sochi, Kamchatka, Novosibirsk Islands, etc., expressing Russia uniqueness.

In addition to the opening ceremony set, there is also a set of "azure" design

This Olympic series brand also found the figure skating goddess Medvedeva as the brand spokesperson

In addition, ZASPORT is also very good at bringing out Russian elements with color blocks. White, blue and red are the colors of the Russian flag.

The uniforms of the Kazakhstan delegation are full of national charm. The large pieces of blue not only match the national flag color, but also represent ice and snow. The decorative pattern on the front comes from the national flag, which is also a traditional Kazakh pattern.

The brand ZIBROO comes from Kazakhstan, and the leading designer is Dmitry Shishkin, the founder of the Russian SHISHKIN brand. Kazakhstan athletes also participated in the design and production of uniforms.

They also used Latinized Kazakh country names for the first time on Olympic uniforms to cheer on athletes.

The uniform of the British team, like the Tokyo Olympics, is still from Ben Sherman. This brand was established in 1963. It first started as a shirt. It was a representative of the Mord culture that was very fashionable in the UK at that time, and even the Beatles were very affected.

The uniform for the opening ceremony of the British team includes a navy blue quilted pea coat and a pair of navy blue trousers, as well as a ball cap and Chelsea boots printed with "Great Britain", which is full of British preppy style.

The high-neck cream sweater inside is also printed with a British flag, and the British team badge and the Olympic rings are printed on the chest. It is also a very practical item for daily use.

The uniform for the closing ceremony was replaced by a blue round-neck plaid sweater, which can also highlight the British style.

The uniforms of the Australian delegation are of the college style, with a navy blue wool-blend jacket paired with a white shirt and gray knitted sweater, and even the Australian Olympic badge on the chest resembles the school badge of the college uniform.

The uniform is designed by Sportscraft. The yellow and green color of the scarf is the color of Australia's national flower, Acacia. The tie and suit pants also use dark green elements. The overall look is quite classic and fresh.

The opening ceremony uniform also adopts the traditional color matching of acacia yellow and green, and also adds camouflage design, which is full of outdoor sports and is made by Karbon, an Australian Winter Olympics clothing supplier.

The uniform design of Norway, the powerhouse of the Winter Olympics, is relatively conventional, from the ski brand Phenix.

Their official sweaters are nice looking and have a youthful design, with a bit of a school uniform feel, made by local wool and outdoor apparel brand Dale of Norway. These include singles such as tank tops, jackets, bottoming tops and leggings.

The design of this Winter Olympics collection is stylish and everyday in general~especially this navy blue sweater, with a white star on the front, inspired by the old Norwegian rose pattern, and the symmetrical graphic inspired by Chinese paper cutting.

Color block stitching style
In addition, the most extensive design style of the uniforms of the delegations is the color block splicing. Because the design inspiration and color of the costumes are generally extracted from the national flag, and many national flags are the style of color block combination, it also directly affects the design style of the award-winning costume.
The US team's uniform is still designed by Ralph Lauren.

The overall tone is drawn from the three colors of the American flag, and the iconic outdoor style design fits well with ice and snow sports

The uniform for the closing ceremony included a navy blue plaid down jacket, wool leggings and wool trousers, and a turtleneck sweater with an American flag printed on the chest, and the overall American sports style.

On the contrary, Volcom's competition uniforms designed for the American snowboard team are 100 million points trendy, and the iconic collage printing is full of street feeling.

The Italian team managed to steal the spotlight again this time, and came out with a mighty national flag.

The blue uniform is still provided by Emporio Armani. It is more conventional to take off the national flag cape. This time they also launched a Chinese LOGO, which is quite attentive.

The other set is relatively free, based on the green, white and red of the Italian flag, with a graffiti-style print of the ITALIA country name. This set of groups wears out, and the rate of return is not low.

The uniforms of the German team are still designed and manufactured by Adidas, and the formula is still the national flag color "black, red and gold", which is quite satisfactory overall.

Because in traditional Chinese culture, this year is also known as the "Year of the Black Tiger", so they also linked the use of a large area of black on the German team's uniform with the Chinese New Year. The asymmetrical color block design shows "rebellious optimism". , but also injected more vitality into the clothes.

Of course, the color block stitching is also indispensable in France. The uniform comes from the French brand Le Coq Sportif and adopts a three-color asymmetric design.

The uniforms of the Finnish team come from the Icepeak brand, which is owned by local brand Luhta.

Blue and white are the traditional colors of Finland. This time, different levels of gray elements have been added, and the whole is relatively simple.

What's really impressive is the Finnish ice hockey team's jersey, also in the white and dark blue of the national flag, with a light blue stripe in the middle.

In particular, the golden lion, the national emblem of the Republic of Finland, is also printed in the center of the jersey, which highlights the Finnish logo and increases its domineering value.

The uniform of the Czech delegation comes from Alpine Pro. It is mainly white in the national flag, and decorated with geometric patterns of blue and red. Many netizens said that they remembered the "white rabbit toffee", which is also composed of white, blue and red. It's so pretty~

Another uniform has a jacket with blue pants, gloves and a large travel bag~

The uniforms of the Austrian delegation are black, orange and white, mainly designed by Millet and Erima.

The winter clothing is mainly orange, and the inner layer is mainly black, which looks very spirited.

The uniform of the Swedish delegation is made by Uniqlo, and the overall tone is also blue, but it is not the standard Swedish flag blue, and the design is relatively simple.

Ireland's team uniforms do not completely copy the three colors of the national flag, but use a combination of black + fluorescent green, which stands out among the uniforms.

The Dutch team's uniform is traditional orange. The "Orange Legion" is worthy of its name, but it feels inexplicably that it is a rescue team...

The uniform of the Japanese delegation is also composed of the red and white of the Japanese flag, and the style is very casual. At the Tokyo Olympics, he was wearing a white shirt and red pants, but now he has lost his size.

The brand comes from Descent, and the design is very simple.

There is also a more formal uniform, but the tailoring and details such as pockets still have a strong sense of the last century.

South Korea
The uniform of the Korean delegation this time is still designed and manufactured by The North Face. The design of the down jacket follows the brand's conventional design, adding elements such as the national flag and the Olympic emblem to the clothes.

What is more distinctive is this award suit, which is a white top with a white background. The front pattern uses the bright red and blue colors of the South Korean flag. It looks quite spirited with the self-cultivation design.

Haiti's uniform has a lot of elements, giving full play to the spirit of collage. Snowflakes and dragons are the highlights.

solid color
In addition to the color matching of the national flag, there are many simple and solid colors used in the design of the team uniforms of this Olympic Games.
The uniform design of the Polish delegation is pure white, inspired by winter adventures and ice and snow, designed and manufactured by the Polish clothing brand 4F. The overall design is very simple and fashionable. Wearing a hat has the visual sense of an astronaut suit, and the filming of the blockbuster also has a sense of atmosphere.

The decorative details are in the red of the Polish flag, and the Polish national emblem is also printed on the chest.

The interior and accessories are ice blue, which is also in line with the theme of ice and snow.

Slovakia, Latvia
It is said that the 4F brand is really popular in Eastern Europe, and has taken over the uniforms of Slovakia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Latvia and other teams.
A watery white design, the one below is Slovak, the hood collar and woolen hat are printed in ethnic style.

This one is from Latvia, it's the same recipe, it's the same flavor, feel a little lazy. Hey~

New Zealand
New Zealand's team uniforms are from Peak. They were once complained at the Tokyo Olympics that "designed is equal to no design". This time, it is still black.

However, the New Zealand team wins because of the props. The flag bearer girl, the aboriginal cape, has already won the eye-catching competition.

Well, the clothing and equipment of the Beijing Winter Olympics teams are listed here. Which one is your favorite?