10 Top Trends From the Paris Spring 2022 Shows

10 Top Trends From the Paris Spring 2022 Shows

The forefront of fashion is no longer the patent of some regions.
Instead, there will be more integration of multiple regions,
in different cities and regions,
You can see more special fashion. Paris is one of them.


Today, I will give you the 2022 spring fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week. It is worth listing as a reference to give you more choices in different sectors.

1. Business leisure

According to the French fashion show, returning to work means wearing short suits. Miu Miu goes super short, while Valentino uses satin Bermuda to make it more suitable for meeting rooms.

2. Chocolate leather

The rich chocolate brown that sweetened our summer wardrobes will be here until next spring -- this time in the form of creamy smooth leather goods.

3, sky blue (blue)

In the famous words of Miranda Priestly: "It's not just blue, it's not turquoise, it's not lapis lazuli - it's actually cerulean." This particular hue caused a stir in Paris, and the designers featured in their spring collection Crayola's favorite color is used in the .

4. (Staggered) Cross-Boundary Lines

The French contribution to your spring "going out" wardrobe isn't a bikini, but it's just as revealing: long-sleeved dresses at Copernis and smooth leather dresses at Courrèges.

5. Multi-level hollow design

The trend for sexy dresses will continue into next year, with designers intentionally ditching chunks of fabric from traditional clothing to create next-level cuts for those who want to reveal more of their skin.

6. Classic jeans

Now that sweatpants fatigue has set in, brands are reminding us of the greatness of classic jeans: Valentino and Louis Vuitton present some wishlist-worthy denim, hinting at a brighter future blue day

7, shirt armor elements

We're all warriors, and it's time to dress ourselves up: Loewe showed off a clever gold breastplate, while Acne Studios recreated the corset in military-grade nylon.

8. Your Modern Times

As a continuation of Milan, the Parisian designers took some fashion cues from the fashion trends of the 60s, such as mini shift dresses and high necklines.

9. Boots

Brands are launching knee-high boots to augment their offerings in warmer climates. Spring interpretations of the big shoe are usually introduced in the fall, as functional (think Maison Margiela's fly-fishing boots) and disco-friendly (like the trendy Givenchy dance shoes for dancing all night).

Variation of Lilac

Lilac is a friendly one that works well with cold weather and spring tones. The wildly popular purple variant has garnered the likes of Botter and Thebe Magugu as the clothing line of choice for spring 2022.

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