2021 autumn and winter fashion trends: 10 great trends to wear and look out for!

2021 autumn and winter fashion trends: 10 great trends to wear and look out for!

2021 autumn and winter fashion trends: 10 great trends to wear and look out for!

2021 autumn and winter fashion trends: Y2K Millennium

The first to bear the brunt is the Y2K style that has been all the rage on social media. Imitating the popular clothing of the early millennium, Y2K on the flyover emphasizes the superposition of colors and the level of silhouette, which is the sublimation of Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and other fashionable styles. Brands like Dsquared and Blumarine are also good at using clothes of different materials to create a sense of hierarchy, adding more drama to the show.

2021 autumn/winter fashion trend: Catsuits 

Also pay attention to silhouette, Catsuits catsuit is also one of the trends in this autumn and winter. The jumpsuits that used to appear in costume parties have become the darling of various brand stylists this season. Tight-fitting tailoring can easily add continuity to the shape. A simple jumpsuit with a dark pattern or perspective can modify the model's figure to the greatest extent, and a pair of pointed high heels can make the figure longer in perspective. No wonder it frequently appeared in fashion shows of various brands.

2021 Fall/Winter Fashion Trend: Snowbunnies 

2021 autumn and winter fashion trends: Matching Sets

The matching styling is extremely prominent on the flyover this season. Matching sets have always been a frequent visitor to fashion show, but this season's exposure rate alone is worth paying attention to. A set of suits of the same color can lengthen the body shape and consolidate the completeness of the shape. You can also use this as a reference when matching clothes in your life!

2021 autumn and winter fashion trend: "High-lows" material mix and match

"High-lows" means high front and low back, meaning a set of designs with different dimensions. The most straightforward way to achieve this effect is to mix and match materials and silhouettes of different textures to maximize the sense of hierarchy. The same principle is applied in daily life, and different materials can be used in daily styling to increase the level of styling.

2021 autumn/winter fashion trend: Cut-outs

The most noteworthy cutout of this season is unique to autumn and winter 2021! The ingenious hollowing can add a little more personality and style to the shape. For example, Berlin brand Ottolinger has made this kind of tailoring superb. Every shape on the show is full of futuristic and stage tension, perfecting the essence of punk. Incorporate into fashion.

2021 autumn and winter fashion trend: Futuristic design

Reflecting the increasingly mechanized reality of society, purely virtual futuristic designs are also very popular. Using reflective materials, the brands interpret their own understanding of the sense of the future on the flyover. Among them, Balenciaga directly put the NASA Space Association badge on the coat, which shows that the fashion industry still has a high degree of acceptance of the sense of the future.

2021 autumn and winter fashion trend: Pattern Tights stockings

Tight stockings similar to leggings are also a good choice for adding Statement to the shape. Whether it is dark flowers or exaggerated patterned stockings, they are commonly used accessories for many brands. Among them, Y Project's stockings are mainly anti-customers and become the focus of the modeling. It can be seen that the plasticity of stockings cannot be underestimated.

2021 autumn and winter fashion trend: Metallic Details 

Apart from being earrings and necklaces, have you ever thought of incorporating them into your design? Another highlight of this season is the metal embellished clothing with a taste of the 80s. Using gold ornaments and gems, which are commonly seen in jewelry, add embellishment to the slightly drab dark clothes, and become a dazzling protagonist.

2021 autumn and winter fashion trend: Chunky Knits volume knitting

After all, it's autumn and winter, and weaving elements are of course indispensable. This season's fashion favorite Chunky Knits, which are full of volume, thicken the general weaving material, which helps to increase the silhouette and increase the volume of the shape. Knitwear can also be used to make tassel designs to add a bit more playfulness to the shape.

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