2021 autumn and winter suit fashion trend / single product trend 2021 autumn and winter fashion wardrobe essentials!

2021 autumn and winter suit fashion trend / single product trend 2021 autumn and winter fashion wardrobe essentials!

2021 autumn and winter suit fashion trends

Autumn windbreakers, sweaters, and suit jackets have always been considered essential items for fashionable women's wardrobes.


Fitted suit

This year's suit jacket is the first to break the golden rule that oversize is fashionable. Both women's suits and men's suits have begun to be tailored.

From the shoulder line to the waist, and then to the length of the hem, the tailoring shows an elegant and decent side.

When the weather gets colder, wearing a profile coat will not look bloated, taking into account the style and temperature in the cold wind.


High waist short suit

Fashion is a reincarnation, and the matching rule of upper short and long lower has returned. This is undoubtedly the most friendly trend for small women!


Corduroy suit

The ancient corduroy material just represents a completely retro style, and the thick and soft corduroy is undoubtedly suitable for autumn and winter.


Deconstructive Blazer

Asymmetric splicing design, irregular hem or front flap, this seemingly wrong or incomplete design is deconstruction in fashion.


Sculptural suit jacket

After wearing soft and comfortable home clothes for a whole year, the trend is turning in another direction.


When it comes to suits, one has to say that Yves Saint Laurent's smoking suit that spans a century and is still talked about in 1966.

Counting it down, suits are still less than 100 years old in women's wardrobes, but suits represent an indelible female spirit in the history of fashion. A woman must have at least one suit.

Which suit do you most want to wear this autumn and winter?


Single Product Trends Essentials for Fashionable Wardrobes in Fall 2021

In the autumn season, there are often a lot of activities, whether it is a romantic autumn wedding or a social event. Therefore, dresses suitable for the season are also a must-have for those special occasions. Add it to the list of best clothes for the fall of 2021, which also includes turtleneck sweaters, windbreakers, classic denim, etc.


Turtleneck is the backbone of any autumn wardrobe. You can match it with an all-black turtleneck sweater to keep them simple and essential, or use graphic prints to enhance the visual effect.

Knit Dress

Autumn dresses will keep you in shape at all times and ready for any invitation. Choose items made of warm fabrics and bright metallic tones.

Knitted pants

Use comfortable knit pants instead of sports pants. It feels equally comfortable without sacrificing style.


Colder temperatures require a variety of boots. Walking style, as well as heel and square toe styles.


Take out your best jeans and pair them with a structured dress or flared skirt to continue the denim craze.


In autumn, there will never be more sweaters. Mix and match your style with classic prints and fashionable colors.


The classic trench coat will never go out of style. A dress with modern details, exaggerated cuffs or glamorous belt, reimagine the timeless waterproof jacket.


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