2021 autumn fashion trend: feather elements, a variety of matching options, enjoy the trendy clothing early

2021 autumn fashion trend: feather elements, a variety of matching options, enjoy the trendy clothing early

The pace of fashion will not stop for other reasons. The innovative design that always moves forward and the combination of a variety of frequently used elements create an annual fashion trend and provide some people with a better direction to wear.
Therefore, the annual clothing conference will become a fashion vane. For some exquisite people who have high requirements for dressing, it is undoubtedly a guide. So how should the match be matched in the coming fall?
The temperature in early autumn is suitable and the climate is relatively mild. It does not have such a strong hot effect, but it is not annoying because of the cold. Therefore, the selection of clothing categories has more styles.

2021 Fall Fashion Trend: Feather Elements. Choose from a variety of collocations to enjoy trendy clothing early. In fact, the soft feather elements always give people a flashy feeling, but combined with a good design, they often have a more stunning charm.
How to wear in the autumn of the new year? The pursuit of fashion does not cater to fashion, and the use of larger brands of trend elements, so that the clothes you choose can more show the inherent personality charm, rather than follow the trend of the popular style.
The addition of elements is only one of the clothing design, in which the plate making and tailoring are also very important, including the choice of color has a strong influence on the overall picture, and the effect of matching from multiple angles will be better.

Add feather decoration in different positions
The tube top style skirt is matched with the middle skirt style, which can be used in daily wear as well as in some high-end occasions. The style of the dress depends on the elements of the skirt.
The position of the skirt is decorated with feather elements, which can make the overall light blue look more supple, full of and strong refreshing and moisturizing effect

The middle of the skirt and the sides of the skirt
Coat skirt is a kind of single product that is very suitable for autumn. The long coat has a strong sense of fashion. The crisp fabric makes the line of the coat very tough, the edges and corners are distinct with a strong aura, and the long design is It is similar to the style of the skirt.
A small amount of feathers are used to cover the skirt and skirt, which can effectively inject gentleness and softness into a very solemn coat, showing the unique charm of rigidity and softness.

There are some women who often wear celebrity style clothing items, you can boldly try the short tops. The overall design of feathers is used, which can widen and thicken the overall shape and make the texture more full, even if it is a color. With a strong hierarchical effect, agility is relatively strong.
For styles with a relatively large amount of elements, the bottoms need to be matched with a clean version. The long white trousers with ankles can stretch the legs better, and the clean white picture is not drawn by other colors.

Under normal circumstances, some coats or suits will show better momentum through the design of shoulder pads, because the wide effect of the shoulders affects the state of the whole person.
And removing the classic shoulder pad design and replacing it with feathers on the shoulders can not only expand and modify the overall contour lines in the same way, but also have a stronger sense of design, which is extremely creative, allowing the wearer to easily become the focus of attention.

Wearable items with different feather designs
Printed long shirt
Long shirts have a better overall picture, especially when they are decorated with very full prints. The shirt skirts mainly use yellow-green prints to integrate, with smooth satin materials, which are suitable for some people who like to wear patterns. It is worth trying, and it can definitely realize a unique personality charm.
The cuffs of the shirt are embellished with feather elements in a circle. Although it does not seem to have any technical content, it can actually contain a sense of design effectively and very low-key.

Wrapped shoulder waist dress
Although the pure beige dress is usually to express aesthetics and light temperament, it always carries a single effect, which makes the overall aura become very weak, and there is no good breakthrough.
The upper body of the dress uses feathers to make the shoulder design. This combination will make the skirt more gorgeous. Combined with the long gloves and accessories, the color and proportion are adjusted to the right degree.

Feather design shawl
The decoration of the shawl and the decoration of the scarf basically have the same effect. It does not have the strong aura of the clothing style, but it has a great influence as an accessory, especially the feather-filled shawl, which has a stronger effect. The femininity is more intriguing than shawls of other materials.

Smart and fashionable handbag
The category of bags is often better than fashion to keep up with the trend of design, especially the new products in each store. Basically, from the combination of materials and elements of the bag, you can well see the current trend and design sense. .
Green bags can be worn with black and white outfits. The use of feather materials will make the handbags more hand-feel. The gentle and gentle charm can bring different changes to the temperament of the whole person.

If you want to keep up with fashion, you don’t have to buy the same outfits with celebrities or bloggers. Instead, you should hold onto the popular elements and be optimistic about the current popular colors, design techniques, and clothing. Style category.

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