2022 spring and summer outerwear trends

2022 spring and summer outerwear trends

2022 spring and summer e-commerce single product trends

Jackets & Coats

The epidemic has a profound impact on clothing design. The life of isolation at home has made people put forward higher requirements for the comfort and versatility of clothing. At the same time, it has also become a fashion trend. Neutral colors, drawstrings, color blocks, and detailed design of stitching are created. Casual suit with a short cut and elongated lower body proportions.

Which outerwear items deserve our attention?

hollowed out

The shoulders, waist, arms and back are hollowed out to make the suit more design and highlight the femininity.

truncated coat

The truncated version will return in 2022, with a box-shaped loose silhouette, adding streetwear elements to the details, blurring the boundaries between formal wear and casual wear.

minimalist trench coat

The windbreaker is versatile and easy to wear, and has become a must-have item in people's wardrobe. The design of this season's windbreaker is more concise and loose.

Leisure Suit

This season's workplace suits have become more casual. The design elements of casual wear such as collarless, loose cuffs, and dropped shoulder sleeves are integrated into the suit design, and the boundaries between home wear and professional wear are becoming more and more blurred.

key fabric

Due to the comfort requirements of suits, this season uses delicate and glossy fabrics to make the pieces subtle and low-key.

translucent material

Translucent materials have always been loved by young people, and the transparent and thin materials make summer cooler and full of futuristic.


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