2022 spring and summer women's fashion color trends butter color, mango orange...

2022 spring and summer women's fashion color trends butter color, mango orange...

In 2020, due to the epidemic, there is an atmosphere of anxiety and unease around the world.

The popular color in 2021 is Illuminating bright yellow (PANTONE 13-0647), which conveys a positive, rock-solid, warm and optimistic vitality

The color trend of spring and summer 2022 will continue the color mood of 2021, and it will favor healing colors. Abandoning the gorgeous and flashy artificial tone, it is more close to the natural gentle color.

These colors, rooted in nature, have a unique positive emotional effect of soothing and calming the mind. Today, we summarize the 6 core colors of 2022 spring and summer!

butter yellow

Pantone 12-0842 TCX

Bright and warm yellow has been a popular choice for fashionistas in recent years. In line with the tone and trend of popular colors, yellow will continue to be the core color of spring and summer in 2022. With the atmosphere of global anxiety, the bright yellow that was popular in previous years will develop into a softer and milder buttery color.

Butter yellow, soft and elegant. Not only suitable for haute couture women's clothing, but also suitable for children's clothing, home wear and interior home decoration. Use the psychological soothing effect of pastel colors to calm your mood and keep your emotions healthy.

olive green

Pantone 17-0636 TCX

Olive green is rooted in nature, classic and comfortable, with its own tranquil and peaceful color mood. Soothe irritability with natural-looking, native shades for a harmonious beauty. In today's external environment of the world, harmonious and natural colors will naturally become the mainstream core colors of spring and summer 2022.

As a neutral natural color, olive green is not only suitable for women's clothing design, but also can be applied to men's clothing. Even in makeup, fresh and natural green is also a popular trend in spring and summer 2022.

Ocean Blue

Pantone19-4052 TXC

The ocean blue, which symbolizes "protection, stability, peace and confidence, while also encouraging contemplation, mindfulness and communication", will remain one of the core colors until Spring/Summer 2022. Calm and deep, it brings people a peaceful and stable mind.

The innate texture of the color of the ocean is the first choice for men's clothing, and its stable color mood also makes it suitable for women's clothing. Using the calm, unflattering, and uniquely mysterious blue, to create a refined but not dead. Slow fashion.


Pantone 19-2434 TCX

Phalaenopsis is different from ordinary purple or soft pink, but adds purple tones to rose red, blue to dark pink, and red to purple to create a unique Phalaenopsis, since With a bright and saturated high-tech sense, it breaks through the dullness.

Phalaenopsis with slightly higher saturation, with unique bright hues, brings positive emotional guidance, attracts attention and brings vitality. Its eye-catching shades once again swept the field of womenswear and make-up in the spring and summer of 2022, returning as the core color.

mango orange

Pantone 15-1058 TCX

Mango Orange is an orange with bright yellow tones, with a unique texture of tropical style, bringing the unique positive emotional energy of bright colors, with the health and vitality of fresh fruit, suitable for the spring and summer seasons when you need to sweep away the emotional haze .

Abandoning the rigid and boring new colors, coupled with the unique modern version design, embellishing the plain dress, it also brings a healthy mood, relieves stress and evokes vitality. Mango orange is best used as a decorative match for swimwear, holiday skirts, bags, etc.


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