2022 spring and summer women's fashion trends carefully selected absolutely popular keywords

2022 spring and summer women's fashion trends carefully selected absolutely popular keywords

If you want to make your outfit look at the forefront, you must understand the fashion trends. Today, let's take a look at what are the fashion trends of women's clothing in the spring and summer of 2022? Let's take a look at the absolutely popular fashion keywords for spring and summer 2022.

1. Spring long coat

The first thing I want to buy for spring is a long coat that is comfortable to wear. Opt for a slightly looser fit, such as a wide shoulder silhouette and large collar. Standard colors like black and beige are fine, but if you want to emphasize elasticity, pay attention to lighter colors like green, blue, and yellow.

2. Bubble hem

Compared to the previous season, which added volume to the upper body such as sleeves and collars, a puffed hem that gathers the eyes at the waist suddenly appeared in the spring and summer. If you get a skirt and a dress that unfolds gently from a tight waist, ◎. Perfect for long-awaited dress-up scenes as well as everyday.

3. Bra tops

Bra tops are indispensable for spring and summer dress up! Wear a simple bra top with a colorful shirt or a patterned jacket for a crisp look. A large necklace that adorns the area around the shoulders and heels that enhance the look is the perfect match.

4. Y2K style low waist bottom

With the revival of Y2K fashion, low-waisted pants reminiscent of fashion luminaries like Paris Hilton are back. The point is to keep the upper body tight and make the belly look shimmering. Like "Victor Gremode" and "Rotate," I miss the low waistline that looks like a T-shaped topline these days.

5. Knit up

Knitting is still a trend. If you have a crop top type like 'Erohe Hove' or 'Brandon Maxwell', simply wear it as a suit for a stylish layered look. 'Ula Johnson' has a neutral tank and pants for an effortless fit.

6. Canary Yellow

In autumn and winter, sunny yellows as warm as the sun are abundant, but in spring and summer, brighter canary yellows are likely to dominate. You can go bold with a full-body monochromatic outfit or use it as an accent for a drab style. Boost your mood with bright colors!

7. Corset

The corset, a symbol of Victorian fashion, has been updated with modern trends. This season's silhouette squeezes the waist to add sharpness to the body line. The trick is to incorporate lots of details, such as oversized coats, flared dresses that unfold softly, and strong shoulders for contrast.

8. Glossy satin

Spring and summer fashion slogan is perfect and shiny. A feeling, the glossy and colorful satin material is likely to spill over the city! Familiarity increases when you're wearing a set like a two-piece or three-piece. We recommend the "Human Peculiar" design, a casual piece such as a bomber jacket in satin.

9. Beautiful outdoors

Also pay attention to outdoor items such as nylon jackets, jackets and raincoats. Choose a type with beautiful details that don't focus on positives, such as cinched waist designs and lace treatments. If you're worried about styling, I recommend a monochromatic outfit in neutral colors.

10. Marshmallow Blue

Marshmallow Blue, which looks like a marshmallow, is also a harbinger of the boom. It's a great pairing with expressive pieces like sheer lace, fluffy quilting, and plaid. A truly versatile color that can look mature or girly depending on the coordinating arrangement!

11. Evolutionary Cutout

Hollow-out items in autumn and winter are becoming more and more fashionable. Asymmetrical designs, twisted details that make you want to look twice, snaps that can be arranged freely, and more. If you are a beginner, try wearing a dress that will satisfy you.

12. Flash

A glittery item that excites you just by wearing it. Just add one to your usual coordination and it will give you a gorgeous look. Camisoles for casual wear, maxi skirts for adult looks, and halterneck tops and miniskirts to accentuate the look.

13, pink pink

A pre-emptive spring/summer outfit in a soft pastel pink. If you want to adjust the sweetness, wear sneakers like "Sandy Lian". For mohair knits and tailored dresses, flat sandals can be worn from the feet for a casual vibe that appeals to you.

14. Ultra-thin lace-up sandals

Until last season, comfortable chinos that balanced a relaxed mood with style were in vogue, but for spring and summer, the heeled sandals that make you want to go to parties and night out are back. Sleek designs such as ultra-thin straps and laces make your feet look sophisticated!

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