2022 Spring/Summer Women's Fashion Trend / Details are the Key / 2022 Autumn and Winter Women's Knitting Trend Analysis!

2022 Spring/Summer Women's Fashion Trend / Details are the Key / 2022 Autumn and Winter Women's Knitting Trend Analysis!

2022 spring and summer women's fashion trends / details are the key

The core style is reinvigorated with a refined hem detailing. Small scale and exaggerated scalloped edges are recommended.

The small-scale scallops add a soft new femininity to the collar and cuffs, while the oversized scallops make the simple style stand out.

Keep the silhouette clean for sweet minimalism, or use lace and contrasting colors for a decorative effect.

Lace, embroidery and crochet embellishments add retro style and classic appeal to party, festive and haute daywear looks.

Lace designs, which continue to take the market by storm, are not only suitable for high-level casual styles, but can also replace sequins and glitter in party wear, and crochet embellishments echo the growing craze for craftsmanship.

Delicate lace and cutouts blur the boundaries between pajamas, lingerie and dresses, making them versatile for day and night. Its layout is common in yoke, hem, neckline and other positions. Tonal or tone-on-tone designs help enhance the sophistication of the overall look.

The market continues to focus on collar design, and personalized collars have always been in the spotlight. Although the market focus is mainly on the idyllic pastoral style, its style is not suitable for everyone. To this end, many brands have begun to turn their attention to collar innovation, creating a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Use an oversized pointed collar for the neckline, or use a printed collar to echo the local print in the garment.

Feature laces are both decorative and functional, and are commonly found on tops, dresses and bottoms. Lace-up designs come in all shapes and sizes, from thick, voluminous cords like laces to the ultra-slim styles of the 90s' minimalist styling.

Among them, the back details are relatively common, while the waist strap is quite innovative. In addition to the exposed-skin cut and stitched design, we recommend the use of lace-up details to add softness to dignified tops and dresses, and to allow for easy size and fit adjustment.

Alternatively, try the clever design for versatility, or use the ties to accent the detachable pockets found in Omnes' collections. This trend is highly sought after by the swimwear market, especially the versatile beachwear.

After a sluggish performance in recent times, waist pleats are making a comeback this season, quietly sweeping over feminine women's shirts, tops, dresses and jackets. Throughout the recent runway, Roksanda, Schiaparelli and other brands have accelerated this trend. Pleats at the waist not only lend themselves to vibrant party styles, but also refresh simple tops and classic shirts for a clean, familiar look.

Lightweight cotton and chiffon are used for a feminine effect, while stiff organza and pleats lend themselves to a structured silhouette.

Explore the volumetric details with a stylish personality, so that the minimalist silhouette and core pieces are full of luxury. Although the application of large-scale details is not bulky, its modern style gives the minimalist design an eye-catching appearance.

For the commercial market, use volumetric drawstrings, zipper pulls, and belt buckles. Featured hardware, padded shoulder straps and oversized hem are edgy or help push the price point, and oversized elements add a touch of attention to the minimalist style.

The use of double-layer and faux-double-layer silhouettes injects three-dimensionality and design innovation into the core basics. The asymmetrical design echoes the look of the show, interpreting the new trend of double-layer design.

As the cut and sewn category continues to take the market by storm, explore new designs to breathe new life into familiar designs. Layered fabrics in a solid, tonal or contrasting design help layer the look without being bulky. With a variety of fabrics and textures, the woven style is more innovative. The asymmetrical designs that are increasingly taking social media by storm may appeal to the modern and younger market.

In a recession, functional and practical details will resonate at all levels of the market. As utilitarian themes endure across the men's and women's collections, iconic practical details have crept into every category and style.

Drawstrings, heavy-duty zippers, adjustable ties, and removable pockets are crucial and all help add to the selling point of a piece. It features an eye-catching functional design while incorporating subtle details. For example, rainwear brand Meriwether uses an expandable visor design in its raincoat hood.

The sought-after, versatile smocks and gathers are textured and a safe bet. In the spring and summer of 2022, as people return to holidays and journeys, summer smocked dresses and tops will sweep the mass market, while simple cotton styles are equipped with familiar smock details, which are intended to further release individual charm and show commercial value.

Use mid-weight fabrics for transitional styles, or consider using this detail for denim and chambray designs. Decorative smocks not only reduce skin exposure, but also contribute to a comfortable, close-fitting look, and are often seen in turtleneck styles and demure silhouettes.

Although many people have returned to the workplace, there is no doubt that the current situation is different from the past, and more and more companies are adopting hybrid office models in order to balance work and life organically, improve productivity and save costs.

For professional wear, details that are suitable for the workplace and are comfortable and easy to wear are extremely important. So go for suits, shirts, trousers and dresses with soft belts, hidden drawstrings, soft pleats, elastic waists and pleats.

The popularity of high-end classic models and high-end basic models shows no signs of declining, and the new textures have attracted the attention of the market. Across the categories, pintucks, puckering, hammered surfaces and matelassé all help add dimension.

A key approach to reinventing the main silhouette, subtle textures preserve a crisp, minimalist look while being decorative. Stretch popcorn fabric for full-size styles. Try the ultra-sensual effects of super textures for the ultimate interpretation of looks.

Fabric treatments, knotting, draping and innovative tailoring add a modern twist to simple silhouettes and classic pieces for a versatile appeal. Playful styles continue to be in vogue this season, not only for simple yet decorative office and bath casual pieces, but also for party looks, often cut and sewn, smooth silks and chiffon styles.

Twisted and draped construction lends a premium feel to simple necklines and yokes for an online statement, while asymmetrical kinks at the hips modernize a simple ribbed tee. Versatile-inspired cuts allow for easy sizing and versatility.

The hollowed-out details that have been gaining momentum for a long time have returned to the market with all their strength, echoing the trend of fashion aesthetics this season. From this season's new look, the sophisticated tailoring around the neckline adds appeal to the classic high-neck silhouette; the circular yoke layout perfectly outlines the low-cut line; the delicate side exposed waist and large open back design are quite interesting.

As fabric treatments gradually replace embellishments and appliqués, soft pleated designs are emerging and rejuvenated. From plain bag hair ties to trendy croissants from Bottega Veneta, Nanushka and more, accessory-inspired slouchy details are permeating apparel and swimwear collections.

The sculptural design of the shoulders and back makes the minimalist style full of personality, and the delicate lacing makes the style more easily accepted by the market.


Analysis of the fashion trend of women's knitting in autumn and winter in 2022

Versatile and comfortable knitting has recently become more popular and continues to make efforts in the retail field. Subtle decorative accessories, including buttons, are key elements. In 2022 autumn and winter women's fashion circle knitted items are still indispensable. In addition to the changes in color, a variety of fashion elements are also used in detail decoration. Today we will take a look at the autumn and winter of 2022. The trend of women's knitwear.

/Simple luxury reconstruction/

While taking into account the comfort and quality of core items, attention to detail is the key to enhancing the sustainable appeal of evergreen items.

The ribbing matches the collection's must-haves and works well on the runway. Made with RWS certified merino wool, recycled or organic wool and cashmere for a smooth feel. The Icicle retains a comfortable, loose fit, which is shrunken or slit at the waist, and stands out from a crowd of minimalist silhouettes by adjusting the length and proportions of the rotator and sleeves.

Versatile neutral shades and premium basics make for year-round durable pieces.

/warm velvet touch/

Catering to the market's demand for ultimate comfort, the runway and retail continue to introduce exaggerated and fluffy brushed textures and plush textures.

Choose sustainably sourced soft brushed yarns, prioritizing RWS or ZQ wool, RWS mohair, alpaca, yak and cashmere, as well as recycled yarns of varying lengths, complemented by three-dimensional seams and abstract jacquard designs. Create a three-dimensional look. EENK uses rich autumn warm colors combined with comfortable silhouettes to reflect the warm atmosphere of returning to nature.

In autumn and winter, try bright winter colors to embellish casual basics to create warmth, and the soft and fluffy touch brings advanced texture to cross-season styles.

/flexible and versatile/

Modular and multi-functional products that emerged due to market demand are becoming more and more popular, focusing on flexible and versatile practical performance design, and advocating a small but refined lifestyle to cater to rational mass consumers.

Try detachable, versatile wear to suit people's changing life scenarios. Andersson Bell designed an ultra-short sleeved shawl style with classic ribbing. The cut length covering the neckline is combined with a scoop neck vest to create a hollowed-out effect to present a subversive and sexy style, attracting the attention of young consumers.

A versatile piece that combines flexibility, sophistication, comfort and functionality for every occasion, while bringing the joy and creativity of DIY design.

/tassel fringe/

The aesthetic trend of hand restoration as a sustainable way to celebrate the beauty of imperfections. Use worsted or roving construction RWS wool and RMS mohair stock and surplus yarns with a luxurious feel. The craftsmanship of developing fringe, irregular fringe and tufted feeling adds to the interesting viewing.

According to the difference in yarn texture, EENK can design a variety of fringe / fringe forms with different length ratios, supplemented by rich texture to present romantic femininity. JNBY uses dangling tassel to break the monotony of basic items, and integrates office and leisure to fit the trend of office and leisure.

Using the original ecological texture and touch of handicraft details, it breaks the homogeneity of conventional casual items and adds a new element of natural feeling to winter casual styling.

/Bright neckline/

Continuing to reinforce the upper-body dressing trend, personalize it with exaggerated or original neckline details, luxe yarns and volumetric silhouettes.

The neckline is crafted with authentic classic patterns such as jersey and traditional cable. PortsPure uses exaggerated lapels to break the mundaneness of simple basic models, making the overall loose and lazy comfortable and practical to wear.

Warm knitwear with style and practicality for changing weather and outdoor activities.

/Personalized color contrast, stitching/

The handicraft boom has led to creative expressions of frugality and sustainable development, expressing individuality and inspiring consumers to explore the fun of interesting transformations.

The remaining yarn stitching creates a new element. Play with color-blocking and different textures for a fun mix-and-match look. XIAO LI uses a variety of textured knitted materials to create creative patchwork. The integration of earth tones weakens the clutter caused by multi-material mixing and highlights the warm and comfortable feeling.

Catering to a new lifestyle concept, use bold colors and contrasting statement knits to add a little comedy and lift the mood.

/vigorous stripes, gradients/

Designers focus on cheerful commercial eye-catching patterns. Patterned stripes underscore the trend, with 36% of sweaters featuring bold stripes, a 9% increase from last year.

Suggest a jersey look and a double-sided construction in brushed and felt textures. Space-dyed and melange yarns add interest to the surface. The Short Sentence caters to the trend of cheerful designs, rainbow stripes, and super bright colors, and the brushed and distressed process creates a natural and rustic look for a warm and comfortable feel, while the design is both nostalgic and optimistic.

Catering to the rising optimism and nostalgia boom, the striking striped pattern has become a must-have for the young business market.

/irregular texture/

There is a renewed enthusiasm for the outdoors, with a natural textured style for a coveted ambience of outdoor time. Random tactile patterns created with leftover and recycled yarns such as mottled, space dyed and colorful tweed neps complement the simple, comfortable silhouette. Refer to Ader Error to present soft hazy and hazy distortion effects in irregular designs. For a casual yet elegant look, take a cue from Icicle to crumble rich earth tones and abstract them into a smooth, brushed look.

A loose, full silhouette combined with an abstract, casual graphic texture enhances casual outdoor style and reinvents a warm piece that is both creative and comfortable.

/complex flowers/

Home decoration flowers and flower jacquard have attracted more and more attention as the theme of popular knitting patterns, and the style also presents the theme atmosphere of romantic pastoral and romantic walks.

The decorative cable texture is combined with the three-dimensional hand-embroidered jacquard pattern for a luxurious ultra-tactile texture. UOOYAA explores extreme textures, builds surfaces through tactile fringe and tufting, and uses jacquard and blanket silhouettes inspired by traditional Chinese patterns for a laid-back home look.

The exaggerated texture effect of flower decoration in the knitted pattern design is quite dramatic, and is loved by the sweet and sweet female group, as important as this season's main warm texture.



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