2022 Spring/Summer Women's Fashion Trend - Exquisite Cutouts - Women's Sweater Stitching Trend

2022 Spring/Summer Women's Fashion Trend - Exquisite Cutouts - Women's Sweater Stitching Trend

The use of hollow stitching increases the breathability of sweaters, making them more comfortable to wear in spring and summer. The use of hollow stitching in women's sweaters creates advanced texture through fine stitch changes. Partially delicate embellishments have become the finishing touch design of simple and basic sweaters. The orderly arrangement and strip distribution of hollows present a regular and unified visual experience. The design of mesh hollows maintains the hand-woven effect while adding detailed designs, breaking the previous roughness. Blind appearance. The stitching effect of the stitching and hollowing increases the layering of the hollowing, while the hollowing pattern and lace bring a richer picture to the sweater.

Exquisite embellishment

The simple and solid color sweater design is embellished with hollow stitches with local details to create a sense of high-level simplicity.

The hollow design of the sleeves, body and structural line is more delicate, and the sweater does not need extra design details. The combination of hollow and simple silhouette creates a fashionable item that can be cross-season.

hollow arrangement

The hollow stitch method is connected by dots, and the orderly arrangement in the sweater presents a regular and unified effect, which is more suitable for full-page designs. Compared with the empty arrangement of fine needles, the use of thick needles with a sense of texture is more recommended.

When designing the sweater, the arrangement of the hollows is the main form with left and right symmetry.

strip texture

The hollow texture with a sense of line is mainly used in the design of the full version of the sweater. It presents a contrasting effect with the combination design of the flat stitch, and at the same time can increase the jacquard stripe to enrich the overall picture sense.

The details of the hollow stripe design can not be ignored. Hollow textures of different sizes or stripes with varying widths create delicate details and are more advanced.

While maintaining the previous hand-woven feel, the mesh-shaped design adds detailed design, breaks the rough texture, and presents a more refined appearance.

By changing the size and distribution of the hollows, the block-faced segmentation design is presented, and the fine hot diamonds and the embellishment of the gold and silver threads along the line create a luxurious texture.

openwork pattern

The hollow pattern design is mainly based on refined small patterns, and the pattern elements such as flowers, diamonds, letters, bows, etc. are formed through fine needle texture changes to create a small appearance design. In addition to the use of single elements, the multi-element hollow pattern combination design makes the sweater more varied.

cutout lace

Lace stitching is added to the texture changes of the floor and air to present a more delicate appearance, highlighting the elegant and feminine temperament of women.

The hollow texture combination design of different sizes and densities forms different lace patterns to create a lighter and more elegant feeling. The loose and natural version design creates an elegant style and enhances the comfortable and skin-friendly texture.

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