4 sweaters worth buying this winter, each one looks great!

4 sweaters worth buying this winter, each one looks great!

There are quite a few seasons for wearing sweaters throughout the year. In addition to summer, you can wear them in spring, autumn, and winter. Therefore, the utilization rate of sweaters is quite high. In addition to carrying basic models in the closet, some special styles are needed. Today, let’s take a look at these 4 sweaters that will never go out of fashion even if they are too young, and their most popular matching methods. Let’s take a look:

1. Sweater vest

Since the resurgence of retro items, a lot of "rustic" clothing has been improved and become popular in the fashion circle. Sweater vests are one of them. I used to think that sweater vests were hooked to the generation of grandparents, and they were more of a warmth artifact.

But today's sweater vests have undergone a revision, and there have been many changes in design and style, with more diversified designs and looser styles.

The selection of sweater vests is also very wide, basically not picking the body shape. However, there are two points to pay attention to: First, the choice of neckline. The most common sweater vests are V-neck, round-neck, and high-necked. Girls with big breasts should choose carefully.

The second is the length of the cuffs and clothes. If you want to wear a sweater vest without obtrusiveness, pay more attention to the change of cuffs and length. Generally, the cuffs are shoulder-width apart, which is very friendly to girls with slippery shoulders. This version is self-cultivating and more suitable for short styles. It will not appear procrastinated, but will appear tall.

The other is the bat sleeve or raglan sleeve (left) that has a little curvature. Such sleeves are more suitable for oversize medium and long styles. The overall look is not very abrupt, and the hem is best not folded designed.

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look1: short sweater vest + dress

Many people think that the use rate of sweater vests is not high, but in fact, as long as they are well matched, they can be worn in many seasons, and they are all very fashionable. The most common is to match with a skirt, a short sweater vest with a long skirt, elegant and high. When it's not hot or cold, wear a slim-fit suspender skirt and match it with a raglan sleeve sweater vest. It's fashionable and won't overwhelm your height.

look2: sweater vest + hoodie/shirt + check pattern pants + white shoes

In addition to skirts, sweaters, vests and hoodies or shirts are classic. When paired with a hoodie, it will be more casual. Plaid trousers and berets are all stylish items with their own, which can add a lot of points to the body shape. On the inside, a shirt with a sense of design, a little puff sleeve, is retro and fashionable.

If it is a looser sweater vest, the best fit is a pair of slim trousers, which is very suitable for an apple-shaped figure. The upper and lower contrast will make you look thinner.


2. Knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigan has also been very popular in recent years. It can be worn in many ways and has a lot of room for use. It can be used as a jacket, inside or worn alone. The same outfit is worn open and casual, and the buttons are very delicate. As we said before, the neckline and cuffs that are exposed on the inside will be more fashionable, and this suit will be used.

Like sweater vests, knitted cardigans have once been complained of "rustic" because they look old-fashioned after wearing them. Then pay more attention to the choice of colors, try to avoid choosing some black or dark colors.

This green knitted cardigan is very fresh, and the inner layer is all white, which looks very seductive. However, if you wear it this way, it would be better to have a slim fit inside, or to emphasize the waistline.

Decorate it with a belt or pocket. If the knitted cardigan is to be built inside, it is recommended to choose a thinner style, which will be more practical.

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look1: knitted cardigan + pleated skirt / yarn skirt

Because the knitted cardigan has a "grandma" feeling, you need to pay attention to the matching when you wear it alone. Use some items to dissolve its old fashion, such as pleated skirts and gauze skirts are good choices. Note that choosing a thinner pleated skirt will make you look thinner.

In addition to the single product, if you want to wear a high-level knitted cardigan, it is inevitable to use color matching. Simple and generous is the same color all over the body, which can be very fashionable without any effort.

look2: coat + short knit sweater + shirt + high collar bottoming shirt

Folding is the most common way to wear in autumn and winter, and knitwear is also very nice for inner wear. A high-necked bottoming shirt and a shirt are placed inside the knitted cardigan, and the layers can be easily worn with a sense of fashion. You need to pay attention to the waistline when there are too many inner straps, and the waistline will not look bloated as a whole.

look3: coat + long knitted cardigan + high collar bottoming shirt

In addition to short styles, long styles of knitwear can also be used as inner wear, but you need to pay attention when matching, because the long style of knitwear itself is relatively heavy, so it should not be too much, too much may appear bloated.


3. Oversize sweater

Oversize sweaters have always been hot, almost hand-made. The lazy feeling it creates is hard to find in other sweaters. And compared to a slim sweater, it also covers the flesh more and does not expose the belly.

But if you want to look thin, you need to pay attention to two points when choosing a version: the first is the shoulder line. Although most of the shoulder line of the oversize sweater is outside the shoulder, the height of the shoulder line will also affect the shoulder. , The higher the shoulder line, the lower the modification effect on the shoulder. Above the elbow and below the middle of the upper arm are the best.

The second is folds. From the side, the arms hang down naturally, and the less wrinkles appear in the middle, the thinner they look.

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look1: oversize sweater + dress + scarf + Martin boots

Like the sweater vest, if you choose an oversize sweater for the upper body, choose a slim trousers for the lower body. Or you can choose a skirt for the bottoms. Dresses and half skirts can be used. Add a pair of Martin boots or white shoes, one is soft and the other is hard, which is a good contrast. With a scarf, it is very gentle. However, this kind of match is not particularly friendly to small people, so be sure to wear shoes with heels to adjust the proportions.

look2: oversize sweater + knitted half skirt + grandpa hat

The bottom is matched with a knitted half skirt, which is full of femininity. When choosing a knitted half skirt, pay attention to it. The slit will be thinner and easier to walk. The bottom is matched with a pair of high boots to keep warm and fashionable. Wearing a hat and sweater in the same color will make the whole look more refined.


4. Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweater is a must-have basic item for everyone's wardrobe. In addition to base wear, it can also be worn alone or stacked. Like this turtleneck sweater with a silk scarf, it looks very delicate. Girls with big breasts can choose a slightly looser sweater to look "bloated."

If a girl with a short neck chooses a turtleneck sweater, a half-high collar is the first choice, followed by a high collar with a loose neckline. These styles will not appear without a neck.

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look1: turtleneck sweater + knitted cardigan + skirt

Girls with short necks wear turtleneck sweaters, which can be modified by creating a V-neck. The sweater vests and knitted cardigans mentioned above are all good choices.

look2: oversize suit jacket + hoodie + turtleneck sweater + plaid pants

The slim turtleneck sweater is used as a base, and a sweater and loose coat are worn outside, which is casual and fashionable. It is better to choose a suit or jacket with a larger size.

In winter, everyone wears "bloated". If you want the same down jacket/coat to be more fashionable than others, the inner style is very important, and sweaters are more often worn. Choose the right style and learn to wear fashionable. No need to worry about boring and boring outfits in winter


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