5 ways to wear down jackets, look thin and advanced!

5 ways to wear down jackets, look thin and advanced!

As a single product in everyone's wardrobe, if you want to dress unique and eye-catching, you may need these 5 new ways to wear this year. After remembering, no matter what kind of down jacket can be worn very fashionable.

1. Wear sportswear inside, stretch and relax

This year is a year of great sports, especially in this cold winter, girls can put down their body anxiety and enjoy the stretching and casualness brought by sportswear in comfort.

A complete set of sportswear & sweaters is the most worth buying ~ wear a fluffy down jacket outside, who doesn't like the look of going out in 3 seconds in winter?

There is no tight restraint, no need to worry about getting fat, even no need to wear Bra, no need to deliberately reduce the age to pretend to be tender, the breath of youth and vitality will blow on your face.

Short down jacket + complete set of sweaters, neat and relaxed, suitable for girls of all heights, and for small girls, they will not be too tall. Shopping, sports, boarding...this set is all suitable.

Long down jacket + complete set of hoods, with more aura and height, and a slightly more formal suit collar/wind coat collar down jacket, which can also be worn for commuting.

The complete set of black, white, and gray sweaters are the most versatile, and down jackets of various colors can be held. This winter, many bloggers prefer this white down jacket + white sweater, with white bags and white shoes, which is beautiful and gentle!

There are also colorful and milk tea hoodies, which are fashionable and eye-catching when paired with down jackets of the same color or dark ones.

Down jacket + hooded trousers should be more practical. For the problems of thick legs, not straight legs, and fear of cold, no sports pants can not solve these problems. And together with the same loose down jacket, others will not pay attention to your figure at all, only the uppercase is comfortable and casual.

If this set of sports pants and down jackets are very ordinary, you can add some tricks to the accessories, such as wearing a cold hat, the fashionable sports feel that stars all love, it is easy to get it.

This year's super hot chimney boots are also in line with this set, making the soft and collapsed sweater instantly neat. Small girls can also increase their height. Or match it with white shoes and old shoes, which are extremely comfortable for everyday wear.

This year's best-selling hoodie suits, in the four colors of milk coffee, gray, black, and purple, are all-matched in single or inner down jackets. The sweater is short and looks neater and taller. The round neck is generous and casual, there is no extra decoration to weaken the sense of looseness, and the classics are simple and classic.

Soft and stylish fashionable sweater suit

When pairing with down jackets, you can choose fashionable and niche leather down jackets, which are high-grade and gentle in milk tea color, and will not hit your shirt when you go out.

2. With the same color inside, simple and advanced

As we all know the principle of the inner color rule, the same color has the effect of showing height and thinness visually. The sweater set just mentioned is the same color, and other items of the same color are also casually picked up in daily life. Black bottoming shirt + black trousers, a black suit is more versatile in winter coats.

The black line has a visual sense of contraction. When the down jacket is worn open, a narrow inner band is exposed, which echoes the smooth line of the down jacket's placket, which is thin and not bloated.

It is also very practical to wear a white inner jacket in some dark and colorful down jackets, which can dissolve the dullness and noise.

Very ordinary down jackets are layered and worn through the same color inner wear and accessories. The high-end shows the taste, and the fabrics and styles have become no longer ordinary.

The dress is also regarded as the same color, layered in the down jacket, combining beauty and practicality, to meet the demeanor and temperature of fashionable girls indoor and outdoor.

Tired of wearing a turtleneck, this flower bud collar has a try. The collar can be stand-up and lapel, without strangling the neck. The cuffs also have slits to match the neckline.

Simple flower bud collar wool sweater

The long down jackets of the following two fashion styles are suitable for commuters, and the same color is high-quality and thin.

White goose down mid-length down jacket

High-quality down trench coat

3. The top is loose and the bottom is tight, it looks thin and lazy

The so-called "top pine and bottom tight" are bread down jackets with loose upper body and tight pants/shark trousers on the lower body.

Tights are best to be mainly black. If you are a slightly fat girl, you can choose a mid-length down jacket that can cover the hips, so that it can cover the belly and big ass, and also keep out the wind and cold. Open or fasten your belt to automatically optimize your body proportions.

In this set, leggings are more of a picky figure. If you don't wear them well, they tend to look like long trousers. Girls with straight legs and thin legs can wear a pair of socks with sneakers to keep warm and sporty.

If the legs are not straight or long, you can match them with black boots. The trousers and boots have the same color to extend the legs. Some thick-soled boots can also increase the height. For example, this year's hot smoke boots and Martin boots. Yu Xian has long legs and straight legs.

The high boots under the knees are incomparably handsome. Especially for girls with imperfect O-legs and X-legs, they can be straight and straight.

Excellent magic pants for autumn and winter. There are two styles of micro-fleece and down. Among them, the down version contains 90% white duck down. It keeps warm. Combining the three-dimensional hip-lifting design and high-stretch fabric, it does not lose the crotch. Slim legs that can lose 10 pounds of vision.

Magic pants micro-fleece + down leggings

The plaid bread jacket has a literary and artistic atmosphere, which is not only eye-catching, but also more resistant to dirt than a solid-color down jacket.

4. Highlight the waistline, chic and tall

Bread jackets are very popular this year, this down jacket itself is short and fat, so slender high-waisted pants are its best partner! Create a short top and a long bottom, and you will have a good body proportion in one go.

Wide-leg trousers are a powerful tool for high leg length, especially when paired with short down jackets, they are smooth and chic. Wearing it open, the waistline is more obvious, distinguished by dark and light colors, which is a good interpretation of less is more.

Match with black shoes and white shoes to cover the insteps of flat shoes to keep warm and stretch your legs.

Or pair it with a pair of short boots, which is handsome and tall at the same time.

White down jackets are too popular this year. The bottoms with various colors are very fashionable and show texture. Buy with your eyes closed!

5. Master the proportions, fashionable and eye-catching

When wearing down jackets, small and delicate jewelry such as earrings and necklaces are basically overwhelmed. A smarter way is to rely on large accessories such as scarves, bags, and hats. Only a small proportion of the whole body is very eye-catching.

A bright colored bag and a pair of colored shoes instantly light up the down jacket of the basic color, making you a fashionable person.

The long down jacket is better in keeping warm, but it looks a little thicker. At this time, it can't be matched with too many layers and colors. It can be directly matched with a pair of neutral boots, and it has a strong sense of neatness.

The colors of boots and down jackets are different, the ratio is about 9:1, the two set off each other but not strong each other's limelight.

The long suit-collar down jacket with belt is recommended for office girls. Tie the belt at the smallest part to show the height and slim figure. It also has the chic and aura of the long coat, completely free from the bloated feeling of the traditional down jacket.

Alright~ Today's down jacket wear and match up here~ In the face of cooling down, having a down jacket in hand is more reliable than her boyfriend, warm and comfortable.

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