A middle-aged woman with a sense of fashion, will not refuse "lotus trousers" in winter, fashionable cover the meat and look thin

A middle-aged woman with a sense of fashion, will not refuse "lotus trousers" in winter, fashionable cover the meat and look thin

Although it is the mid-winter season, it can't stop the girls' love of beauty. Speaking of pants that can be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter, lotus leaf pants are second to none. Especially for middle-aged women with a sense of fashion, they will not refuse "lotus trousers" in winter. They are fashionable and look thin. So how to choose lotus leaf pants, let me recommend a few classic lotus leaf pants for everyone.

Selection and matching

The first measure: style selection

Wide leg ruffle trousers

When it comes to wide-leg pants, this item is definitely a godlike existence. Its effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness is unquestionable, not only that, wearing wide-leg pants shows the slender legs of your lower body in minutes, and the effect of laziness and leisure is superb! The lotus leaf wide-leg trousers not only absorb all the inherent advantages of wide-leg trousers, but also add a lotus leaf trim, which not only greatly improves the aesthetics, but also provides a certain degree of warmth in the cold winter. Effect.

Smoke tube lotus leaf pants

In addition to the wide-leg lotus leaf pants, there is a thin lotus leaf pants that is also very cool, that is, the famous tobacco tube lotus leaf pants. The charm of tobacco pipe pants is no less than that of wide-leg pants. It also neither picks the figure nor the leg shape. No matter any figure, you can easily control the pipe pants. When the lotus leaf shape and the pipe shape are integrated, It further highlights the wearer's slender legs.

Tooling lotus leaf pants

Workwear style clothing has always been the favorite of fashionistas. In the final analysis, there is only a thin line between retro and avant-garde. The lotus leaf pants have retro elements, and the workwear style has avant-garde charm. The lotus leaf trousers with classical charm and the cool tooling style give people a sense of coexistence of chic, handsome and beautiful. Greatly increase the charm of the overall dress. Try it if you like it.

The second measure: fabric selection

Denim Ruffle Pants

Jeans are an enduring item to wear. The two fashion elements of denim and lotus leaf are matched together, which is both classic and stylish. Denim lotus leaf pants not only have hip-hop style, but also feminine softness, but also have the effect of slimming. Whether it is dark and light denim lotus leaf pants, they will not lose a sense of softness and chic. It can be said to be a must-have item for little beauties.

Casual lotus leaf pants

Casual lotus leaf pants, like denim lotus leaf pants, have the obvious advantage of being versatile and durable. But unlike denim lotus leaf pants, denim elements tend to be young and sporty, while casual lotus leaf pants tend to be comfortable and elegant office style, which is very suitable for women in the workplace to wear at work, whether it is camel dark or light The light colors can well show the wearer's sense of tranquility and elegance.

Leather lotus leaf pants

The lotus leaf pants not only have denim fabrics and casual fabrics, but also have lotus leaf pants with leather fabrics. The leather lotus leaf pants are different from the previous two. Wearing the leather lotus leaf pants, it is more chic and cool and full of style. With a more organic visual effect, the little fairies who like the cool and sassy style can try the leather-textured lotus leaf pants, which will not lose the softness of the little fairy.

The third measure: match with the single product

Match 1: Khaki casual lotus leaf pants + shirt

Khaki casual lotus leaf pants are a super classic o OL style outfit, and professional shirts are added as tops, which adds to the workplace atmosphere of the overall dress and makes the style more complete and atmospheric. If this is a small partner We add some simple golden earrings or pendants and straight and regular hairstyles as collocation and embellishment, and instantly create the image of a strong woman in the workplace.

Match 2: Leather lotus leaf pants + black fur

The leather lotus leaf trousers themselves give people a feeling of "full of pride", coupled with the luxurious fur on the upper body, it is even more "ho" on top of "ho", such a dress with golden suspenders The leather bag with a chain is really hard not to be eye-catching. Such a slightly luxurious dress is best matched with simple pendants and earrings, but the hairstyle can be a little exaggerated to show personality.

Match 3: Yellow casual lotus leaf pants + pink jacket

Yellow casual lotus leaf pants and crimson casual jacket, really want to pull the wind. Anyone who has studied art knows that yellow and pink are both very bright colors. When such bright colors are matched together, there must be a neutral color as a transition. At this time, put on a white inner shirt and then It's perfect. The combination of two high-brightness colors instantly gives people an eye-catching and bright visual experience.

Match 4: lotus leaf trousers + chiffon shirt

When it comes to trousers, the first thing you may think of is the slightly rigid straight-leg trousers, but the lotus leaf trousers completely break the rigidity of trousers, but on the premise of not losing the dignity and avant-garde, they appear more fashionable and individual. The chiffon fabric is super luxurious and lazy, giving people an extremely comfortable and relaxing visual experience. The combination of the two has both a dignified and elegant temperament and a combination of skill and comfort. It is really a perfect pair to wear. Take a single product.

Match 5: White sports lotus leaf pants + cotton shirt

The lotus leaf pants themselves are very feminine. If the sweat pants are combined with the lotus leaf pants, it adds a bit of sporty vigor without losing the elegance of the lady. The white sweatpants are more sunny and chic, matched with the upper body cotton shirt, the overall sense of movement and warmth, surrounded by dark and elegant silk scarves as an embellishment, the whole body can be described as full of international style.

Matching 6: dark lotus leaf pants + light sweater

In this mid-winter season, the weather is cold, and the little fairies must not only protect themselves from the cold and keep warm, but also take into account the beauty of their outfits. At this time, the classic combination of dark lotus leaf pants and light sweater is the most suitable. Dark lotus leaf pants have a sense of elegance and mystery, while light-colored sweaters can give people an extremely warm and comfortable, but at the same time beautiful and generous, the combination of the two is the icing on the cake, instantly making you the most beautiful young.

Match 7: Velvet lotus leaf pants + grandma shirt

Speaking of extravagant outfits, fur leather may be the first thing most fairies think of. These are indeed luxurious, but the velvet fabrics are not inferior to them. The velvet-textured clothing is in a lazy sense. The degree of comfort is better than the former. Velvet lotus leaf pants are equally luxurious and comfortable, paired with the famous grandma's shirt, instantly make you feel casual.

Matching 8: tooling lotus leaf pants + court style shirt

As mentioned earlier, overalls are very fashionable and full of personality. Such trousers with their own unique charm style and lotus leaf elements are definitely the icing on the cake. The lotus leaf overalls are not only cool but also very neutral. The palace-style shirt is even more luxurious and elegant. The lotus leaf shape and the lotus leaf pants complement each other perfectly. The two pieces are super perfect together. Friends must try it.

Therefore, cigarette trousers are no longer "favored". Recently, "lotus leaf trousers" are more popular, which can be sweetened with salt and cover the meat. I have talked about so many types of lotus leaf pants and how to wear them. I believe that one of them must be the favorite of fairies. If you like it, come and try it.

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