A must-have item for autumn and winter, practical and fashionable!

A must-have item for autumn and winter, practical and fashionable!

In the season when the clothes go through more and more, for fashionable women, not only the outerwear must be fashionable, but the inner wear must also have its own beauty, because each item is independent of each other, but only by mutual influence and matching can make them more beautiful.

A good-looking interior can make the whole look more fashionable! Coupled with the moment when you take off your jacket indoors, the interior determines whether you can still shine like a diamond.

The details determine the success or failure, and the interior will test your taste and collocation. The celebrities and fashion icons are already having fun~ Come and have a look!

Today, I want to share a few kinds of inner styles with the beauties, which will definitely satisfy you.

T-shirt inside

The T-shirt is really a treasure item, and it can be used all year round. As an inner wear in autumn, it is a great combination with all kinds of outerwear.

When you don’t know how to match it, choose a white T! You can't go wrong with the basic style.

And for black and yellow skin, it can't be more friendly. If you are worried that some colors are not enough to match the skin, then you can use a white T to brighten up, and will not pick the color.

If you think the solid color T-shirt is too monotonous, try an exaggerated printed T-shirt as a finishing touch to show your personality.

Striped T has always been loved by the trendy people. It is also very easy to wear as an inner wear. With a coffee-colored shirt, it is full of literary style.

Inside a small high collar

When it comes to taking in autumn and winter, the most frequently used is the high-neck bottoming shirt. It is no doubt that it is an official match with whom. All-match warmth, a good hand to create a sense of hierarchy and fashion.

But there are still many small details that need to be paid attention to when choosing. The first is the height of the collar. A collar that is too high tends to have no neck, especially for round-faced stars.

So this year, the half-high neck style with a slightly exposed neck is a model that everyone can handle very well, and there will be no minefields for various face shapes.

The material should be thinner and a little closer to fit in with other items.

As a classic model, the high collar base is still worth investing in

Shirt inside

Autumn is the best season to wear shirts. The upper body has its own temperament. There is no pressure to match various jackets. Who wears it will look good!

Because the area exposed by the neckline is limited, every inch of land must be contended. The shirts with a sense of design will make the otherwise plain outerwear produce a wonderful chemical reaction.

Leather jackets, windbreakers, suits and fashionable jackets are all suitable, and the simplicity and cleanness of a white shirt gives you an elegant atmosphere.

In autumn and winter, the fold-over method is particularly popular

There are also gorgeous patterned printed shirts, which are more suitable for winter than the refreshing blue and white striped shirts in spring and summer. They are visually lively and warm.

Inside a sweater

Sweater is the protagonist in autumn and winter~ It is too classic and versatile, whether it is worn alone or in-line, it will win!

Wear a windbreaker, collocation trousers for leisure, and skirts to dress up as a man, which one is your dish?

Dress inside

For girls, dresses are indispensable all year round. When choosing a dress for the inner wear, you don't have to consider top and bottom collocations, saving time and money~ Unlike the lightness of spring and summer, the skirts of autumn and winter have a warm and heavy texture!

Autumn and winter can also be matte, warm colors can be selected for the inner and outerwear. Whether it is commuting, class or shopping, the fresh colors will make you stand out and become the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

In short, the inner wear is really one of the indispensable items for autumn and winter, which can make each jacket wear a different sense of freshness. Alright, I will share it here in the early autumn of today. Which one do the sisters like?

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