A pair of sneakers in winter looks very layered and energetic

A pair of sneakers in winter looks very layered and energetic

The trend of sports shoes has become more and more intense in the past two years. Don't be obsessed with the delicate pair of AJs that you can't step on anymore. There are obviously so many beautiful and fashionable sports shoes. Let’s take a look at the various trendy bloggers of Korea Fashion Week, how they all match it.

Simple coat + canvas shoes, the whole set is very cool, even if it is a brightly colored coat, matched with small white shoes, it will not violate the sense of harmony at all, but it is very stylish!

Sports shoes are so versatile, you can play with many tricks, and high heels are tired and hurt your feet. Naturally, many celebrity fashion people are more and more in love with sports shoes, and they match them with different styles!

Such a pair of shoes sports shoes can be said to be a super eye-catching artifact.

Whether it is matched with Oversize tops, leggings, and fishnet stockings, it can be worn with a variety of shapes, showing the visual effect of increasing weight.

Maybe you are not very familiar with these shoes, but you must have seen it in the street shooting of many European and American celebrities and fashion bloggers.

But its most popular is after Princess Megan got on her feet, the search rate directly exploded.

The style of this shoe is very simple, there is only a simple V on the outside of the shoe body, there is no extra burden.

The shoes are excellent in comfort and abrasion resistance during wearing.

The combination of sports shoes and overcoats has not only soared the fashion index, but also more comfortable and comfortable to wear than heeled boots. So how should this group of CP be matched?

Little white shoes can be described as the super trump card in sports shoes. They are extremely hot and enduring. They have almost never encountered opponents in the fashion circle. The celebrity bloggers of all walks of life have a pair of hands.

Any style, style, and color coat can become fashionable immediately with it!

Wearing a coat with small white shoes in winter is a more chic way to open. Wear small white shoes and medium stockings to cover your ankles in winter.

No longer have to worry about getting old and cold legs, the same color combination can also make your purity soar!

The variety of white shoes makes the color choice of the coat more abundant, because it looks good with any color coat!

The sneakers are really classic and fashionable, and they will never be outdated!

Use a coat with a sweater, jeans, and a pair of Vans sneakers. The look looks neat!

Because the sneakers are small and fresh in sports shoes, the lines are simple, the color matching is not complicated, and they will not look big on the feet. They are classic shoes that will not be out of date for thousands of years!

If you want to bring some freshness to the winter, you might as well try colorful sneakers. Coats and skateboard shoes of different colors will instantly become fashionable girls.

The last thing I want to talk about is running shoes, in fact, the visual effects of running shoes are very rich!

The matching of running shoes and coats keeps the look full of aura and makes your plain coat immediately extraordinary.

When a sturdy coat is paired with sports pants, a pair of running shoes can make the legs look slender and not obtrusive!

Usually wear a solid-color high-necked shirt in the coat, and then choose a pair of running shoes of the same color to echo, even if the others are basic models, the whole person looks very layered and energetic!

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