After the wide-leg pants, the "grandma pants" are also popular, and they can wear long legs even if they are short, and they can easily wear them out of class.

After the wide-leg pants, the "grandma pants" are also popular, and they can wear long legs even if they are short, and they can easily wear them out of class.


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Every winter, wide-leg pants will set off a fashion battle. Wide-leg pants are really versatile, and they are particularly tolerant of the figure. They are warm and not heavy inside. The slimming effect is particularly obvious, but the wide-leg pants are really good. "Bad Street" is worn by girls from young girls to middle-aged and elderly people.

How to stand out this year? It’s better to replace the wide-leg pants with "grandma pants". The trousers are typical "grandma pants". Older generations like to wear trousers when they are young. The trousers have the same comfort as the wide-leg pants. Highlight the trendy personality, look more handsome and chic.

The retro trend makes "grandma pants", that is, trousers once again occupy the fashion stage. Young people can also wear good results. They are more durable than wide-leg pants. The effect of being thinner and taller is more obvious, and they can be worn even if they are short. very nice.

This year's thinnest "pants" is this one. Not only is it versatile but also looks good, it is even more beautiful if you wear the right shoes. "Grandma pants" have become the new favorite of fashionistas. They can wear long legs even if they are short, and they can easily show their grades.

Design type of trousers
Length classification

Mopping length-trousers of this length are super long. Even if you wear high heels, the trousers can be dragged to the ground. This design helps to enhance the aura and make wearing more casual and chic.

Mopping trousers also play a prominent role in displaying height. The trousers can cover the instep and hide the shoes. At this time, the height of the shoes can be regarded as the length of the legs, which increases the proportion of the entire lower body.
Nine-point length-Nine-point length trousers look more concise and refreshing, and are younger than regular trousers. The aura does not look as strong as mopping trousers, but they have their own temperament and taste, which can increase elegance. Sense of wearing.

Nine-point trousers can be worn with high heels or boots. The slender ankles can lengthen the visual lines of the legs, making the figure look thin and tall, showing the multi-level charm of wearing.
Color classification

Pure color design-pure colors are more common, simple colors are less critical to temperament, and color matching is more convenient, and some trousers are suit styles, and the suits are decorated with simple pure colors for better effect and more convenient to wear.

Pure color trousers are more atmospheric, and the matching method is simple. Solid color tops or printed tops can be matched with them. As long as they maintain the same tone or temperament, they will be very fashionable to wear.
Plaid design-Plaid trousers are more classic, and the plaid can show a retro effect, increasing the connotation and quality of wearing. The fusion of plaid elements can also increase the appeal of trousers, allowing the visual focus to shift from the top to the trousers.

Plaid elements can increase the image, and the temperament displayed is softer than that of solid color trousers. The brighter the color, the richer the charm. Check trousers are suitable for matching with solid color tops, and they are neat and stylish.

The top collocation of trousers
Trousers with suit

Suits and suits of trousers are particularly common, and can also simplify the matching problems. With simple and basic inner wear, you can combine a unique look.

Trousers and suits are originally classic matching schemes. They wear neutral or business style charms. They are capable and chic. If you want to have an outstanding aura, just match them.
Trousers with mini skirt

Trousers can also be combined with miniskirts to create a superimposed effect. Many miniskirts are short tops with outstanding design and need to be worn with trousers. The combination of trousers can show the charm of multiple styles.

The trousers can be matched with a mini skirt with a loose skirt, and the irregular design is more individual. The trousers and skirt maintain a loose sense, and they can be matched with a casual and chic stacking fashion charm.
Trousers with shirt

Suits, shirts and trousers are all classic combinations. If you omit the suit, you can also match the shirt directly.

For shirts, you can choose not only regular styles, but also wide styles or other personalized styles. If you want to add charm, you can stack and combine vests or other items.

Pair of trousers and shoes
Trousers with high heels

Mopping trousers or nine-point trousers can be worn with high heels. Mopping trousers can hide high heels and increase the height of the body, making it look taller and thinner in a more natural way.

Nine-point trousers with high heels can highlight the charm of the ankle, and use the ankle to increase the height of the figure. High heels and trousers look full of momentum, suitable for mature women or women in the workplace.
Trousers with mules

Trousers can also be paired with shoes with retro temperament, such as mules or other small flat-bottomed leather shoes. Plaid trousers are most suitable for matching with this kind of shoes, and the style is consistent.

When you wear it, you can choose nine-point trousers to show the characteristics of Muller shoes, so that the sense of style will be enhanced and the sense of superiority in wearing can be shown.
Trousers with sneakers

Trousers and sports shoes have the characteristics of a mix and match style, trousers are more formal than other trousers, while sports shoes are casual shoes, so the style collision is stronger.

In the collocation, you can choose trousers with trendy design elements. Combining them with sports pants can make the wear show trendy characteristics, and the sense of style violation will not be particularly strong.

The trousers are really thinner and more temperament than wide-leg pants. Small people can also wear long-leg effects. Various styles and matching forms are attractive. Choosing the right temperament will not be bad.

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