Analysis of hot-selling fabrics and accessories in spring and summer of 2022

Analysis of hot-selling fabrics and accessories in spring and summer of 2022

Looking at the consumer market this season, factors such as durability, quality, and sustainable characteristics have become the basic indicators for measuring products, making comfortable, simple, refined and durable product styles widely recognized by consumers. Fabrics made of high-grade natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk inject fresh blood into regular or slightly changed versions with their delicate and varied textures on the surface. Health healing and positive emotions awaken the senses together, and convey a strong appeal for practical, comfortable, and full of vitality products. While trying new colors, interesting labels or elastic bands are also eye-catching.
Urban people yearn to reconnect with nature. Outdoor style clothing is no longer limited to traditional professional wear, but has become more everyday and diverse. Color harmony, texture design, pattern update and other methods give natural appearance more expressions. Technological innovation is a timeless theme, carrying a sustainable core, reshaping an energetic and dynamic style.
Inspiration and Color

In the current market, consumers pay more attention to factors such as durability, quality and sustainable characteristics of products, and fabrics with comfortable touch, simple design and exquisite craftsmanship have gained a large number of fans. The minimalist style that collides with poetic feelings and raw aesthetics is renewed, and a series of classic style fabrics have a more rustic connotation. Cross-seasonal colors have once again become the traffic responsible for this season's attention. Red brown, rose gray, light chestnut beige and other warm earth colors, faded neutral colors and undyed primary colors bring out a more gentle and subtle humanistic atmosphere; quiet night blue and gray fog blue are originally warm Intentional colors bring more calm, refined undertones.

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Humble and elegant feelings

The simple and quiet simple colors are matched with the rich and diverse texture expressions to create a refined and return-to-basics style, which is elegant and intriguing. The airy and dry cotton micro-folded fabric brings design ingenuity to the details for the simple style and volume top; the linen blended fabric with distressed micro-texture meets various functions with functions such as antibacterial and antistatic. Plant dyeing perfectly shows the slightly rough natural features, adding a touch of free and casual style to regular-fit dresses and coats; smooth combed nylon blends knitted fabrics with a smooth surface and a delicate touch, which become high-necked Excellent material for bottoms and comfortable pants.

Daily anxiety gradually fades under the action of mindful thinking, and the return of joyful atmosphere makes fashionable life aesthetics appear in front of people in a romantic and colorful appearance. Health healing and positive emotions awaken the senses together, and convey a strong appeal for practical, comfortable and full of vitality products. While chalk powder, warm skin tone and other pastel colors express their sweet definition, they further radiate fashion and new life with the appearance of daily comfort; pleasant colors such as glass blue and oxygen mint green show the meaning of relaxation; honey orange, sunshine yellow and other high saturation Bright colors are against the backdrop of many smart colors, highlighting the vitality of the spring and summer seasons.

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Sweet Cool Sports

The sporty style is sweet and hot with the help of pastels and bright colors. This season, knitted weft knitted fabrics continue to occupy the main field of sports style. By matching with woven fabrics with PU coating with magic pearl effect, they can present a variety of appearance effects, so as to refresh the application range of pastel colors; moisture absorption, fast The combination of dry, cool feeling and refreshing colors realizes the unity of fashionable style and perfect function for professional fitness items; rib structure, hole structure, valley wave effect, etc. bring a very three-dimensional effect to the smooth and comfortable soft waxy fabric It is suitable for basic items such as sports sweaters and tights. A lustrous, bold nylon fabric that adds a more edgy quality to utility jackets and sunscreens.

Humans yearn to reconnect with nature, focus on new natural themes inspired by the original ecology, and deduce a new aesthetic of escaping from reality and exploring new natural spaces based on the digital natural style of digital expression. Balanced between raw natural greens and artificial aesthetic tones, organic violets and first day yellows bring a romantic and gender-neutral sophistication; outdoor-inspired cool turquoises evoke sea, mountains, soil, and sky and rock; a metallic grey-blue for a look that blends technology and function. The responsible concept of "zero-carbon life" has gradually entered people's production and life, and sustainable development has become the core of sustainable fashion. Technological innovation not only upgrades modern functionality, but also retains the aesthetic sense of natural power.

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new natural expression

With the generalization of aesthetic innovation and natural concept, based on original inspiration and artificial aesthetics, natural appearance can be given more expressions through color harmony, texture design, pattern update, etc. The original earth tone is used in the classic plaid design, and it is rejuvenated with the embellishment of the first day yellow and metallic colors to make exquisite and casual casual coats, suits, etc.; the texture of the fabric is richer, and the jacquard decoration and partial shrinkage enhance the quality of the fabric. And leisure, upgrade the fashion of shirts, skirts and other items; the artistic and abstract evolution of patterns is an important trend, whether printing or tie-dyeing, they are presented with extraordinary effects such as gradient watermarks, overprinting, etc. In the production of simple styles to meet the needs of the young market; environmentally friendly raw materials and process design will run through production, and strive to achieve a win-win situation between ecology and fashion.

Real life and the digital world are closely intertwined, using gorgeous language and exquisite decoration to create everyday shapes, optical effects and virtual imagination beyond the limit, reshaping dynamic style full of energy. Colors have an impact on vision and senses. The retro warm colors that stimulate thinking create a happy and escape atmosphere, and the illusory and cold light colors emphasize the virtual reality that combines futuristic and technological sense. The retro orange-red is embellished with magic blue to present a retro look of technology; the bright colors of dark texture and digital bright colors collide with acid and sexy colors to present an exciting and uninhibited electric light feeling. Digital expression brings visual eye-catching effects to fabrics, and high-performance textiles provide durable and practical functionality and convenience.

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digital inspiration

Virtual and reality are constantly blending, and digital patterns and colors bring more possibilities to design. Geometric deformation, digital wave, soft focus effect, pixelation and other psychedelic patterns are used for innovative design of woven and knitted various fabrics, realizing people's diversified expression of the digital world, suitable for professional fitness wear design. The double-layer psychedelic flower fabric creates a ghostly appearance through the perspective effect of different materials, realizing a visual upgrade, and is used for shirts or skirts to enhance the fun; The key shape of the suit design for leisure commuting, home comfort, etc., and easy to wear across seasons; the geological pattern has evolved into a surreal sensory landform, and the texture of the streamer film gives it an illusory appearance, which is suitable for creating personalized clothing in future styles. Digital rose red, magic blue, and acid bright yellow are used as digital accent colors to enhance the appeal; the bright colors with dark texture show a surreal style.


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