Analysis of women's clothing fabrics Fashion trend of women's clothing fabrics in spring and summer 2022 - air-through fabrics

In the design of spring and summer women's clothing, especially the design of skirts, light and airy fabrics such as chiffon, lace, and tulle are essential fabrics every season. In the new 2022 spring and summer women's clothing design, translucent fabrics are still used to create dreamy skirts. The main material used, special attention is paid to the selection of lightweight translucent fabrics in terms of structure and structure. Let's take a look at the fashion trends of 2022 spring and summer women's clothing fabrics to feel the dreamy charm of air-through fabrics.


Chiffon remains a major trend with consumers craving sophisticated and sensual styles. Therefore, airy and lightweight chiffon is the focus of many designers, especially printed chiffon fabrics, and the faded printing and dyeing effect is the focus of this season.

Fine needle knitted fabric

A staple of warm-season designers, flimsy fine-knit knits dominate the fashion market. Micro gauge construction fabric is a comfortable super soft blend knit. It's interesting that many designers focus on mesh designs and strong color patterns.

see-through fabric

Sheer fabrics, which are popular this season, are lightweight and breathable, with pleated surfaces that are more like delicate chiffon than synthetic.


Lace fabrics are particularly delicate this season, with charming perforations and intricate yarn sequences. Updated the macro structure and color-blocking effects of the fabric itself. Monochromatic, organically printed lace has a more youthful appeal.

Pearl yarn

Pearl tulle and structured mesh continue to be the prevailing materials for playful silhouettes and layered designs. Pastels and messy silhouettes are a key update.

paper cotton fabric

The paper-cotton tulle material lends a subtle casual feel, especially for resort collections, and the tulle overlays and prints work well.


The slightly lustrous effect of organza is an important material for high-end designs, bringing haze and refinement to elongated or shortened silhouettes.

polka dot tulle

Sheer feminine fabrics like polka dot tulle are trending for Spring/Summer 2022 in black or pastel shades with micro- or macro-sized flecks. A must for feminine design.


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