Autumn nine-point straight jeans with what top

Autumn nine-point straight jeans with what top

What top to wear with nine-point straight jeans

In the fall, the matching reference for girls' nine-point straight jeans:

Sweater + nine-point straight jeans: In autumn, sweaters should be a must-have item for many girls' wardrobes. They are comfortable and casual to wear. Whether worn alone or as an inner wear, they will have a good effect. The sweater is matched with nine-point straight pants, the hem of the sweater is stuffed into the pants, and then matched with a brightly colored belt, and a pair of mules of the same color is selected, which not only demonstrates the youthful vitality of young girls, but also shows the simple temperament. If you want to wear a tall girl, you might as well choose a short hooded sweater or a short suspender, which can be paired with high-waist nine-point straight pants to show off the figure.

Knitted pullover + nine-point straight-leg pants: I personally like slim-fit knit pullovers, which can well set off the figure curve of the upper body, and when matched with high-waisted pants, it has the effect of being slim and tall. This year Zara has released several striped knitted pullovers, which can be matched with cropped trousers and shallow shoes. The overall shape is gentle and fashionable; girls who want to show off their belly choose short black knitted sweaters with high-waist cropped jeans, and then step on The last pair of pointed-toe Muller shoes has a casual and casual feel.

Although the colors of autumn clothes are mostly dark, we can also try very gentle pink and warm red. This color combination will bring a different kind of charm to the dull autumn. Pink sweater + light blue cropped trousers, the color is soft and fresh, and the complexion will appear fair.

Shirt + cropped straight trousers: In these days when the season is changing, the weather is not very cold. You can use a shirt with cropped trousers. Blue printed shirt + blue cropped trousers, decorated with a wide belt, adding some retro flavor; while the white shirt with lace, matched with blue cropped trousers, turns the hairstyle into a ball head, giving the whole person It feels refreshing.

Long shirts can be worn as jackets, with short T-shirts + cropped trousers, and stiletto heels for shoes, which has a breathtaking atmosphere for walking.

In the color matching of blue straight jeans, in addition to the common basic color matching, we can also consider the same color matching, such as light blue + dark blue, contrast color matching, such as blue = red, this color combination is visual There will also be a good sense of fashion.

Even a very formal suit jacket will become casual when paired with jeans, which is more suitable for daily wear. Black bottoming shirt + nine-point jeans, matched with a checkered suit, creating a casual and retro fashion sense as a whole. And white suit jacket, paired with jeans, will have an intellectual and elegant taste, which is very suitable even for work.

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