Beautiful! The 2021/22 autumn and winter trend color trend report is here

Beautiful! The 2021/22 autumn and winter trend color trend report is here


Mykonos Blue

Mykonos, located near the vast Aegean Sea, is known as the island closest to paradise. Did you know?

In the small towns of Mykonos, the two colors of white and blue are the most common. The pure white walls are matched with the bright lake-blue doors and windows like the sea, and the green, blue, and red are decorated in appropriate places. Highly saturated colors such as, yellow, etc., create a fairy tale-like dream scene, just like a fairyland in the sky, without the slightest vulgarity in the world.

And this season's blue is just like this small island, so beautiful and fantastic.



Spring Lake Blue

The relatively low-saturated spring lake blue gives people a quiet and comfortable feeling. Like a quiet and sunny woman, waiting for her lover's return.



Root Beer

The chic sandy brown is more attitude than black and white, and it is also less likely to hit shirts than camel gray. Comes with western style, full of upper body aura.



Coconut Cream

As a transitional color between white and gray, coconut milk white gathers the bright eyes of white and the softness of light gray.

Therefore, coconut milk white will be more tolerant, outstanding, and more charming and gentle than the common ordinary white.



Ultimate Gray

One of the popular colors of the year, Extreme Gray, has been introduced a lot before, and I believe everyone has already understood it. This color is close to nature, with stability, resilience and versatileness. It has almost never withdrawn from fashion. It is a representative of high quality and texture defined by the fashion industry.

The extreme gray resembles the stones on the beach, calm and powerful. This introverted and pure texture seems to exude calmness and nobility from the bones.

Of course, there are also many advanced presentations on the 2021 show. Compared to black, it is less restrained, and more stable than white. When used in wear, it seems plain, but it contains surprises.




Comfortable, warm and optimistic warm colors are the key colors of this year. These characteristics make it popular in the market in the turbulent year of love.



Olive branch green

As a versatile hue, olive green is suitable for all seasons and can easily give a sense of simplicity to the daily flagship. This trend echoes the mash-up trend that continues to take the commercial market by storm.




Bright yellow is sunshine, hope and beauty. It is suitable for the world that needs to be cured after the epidemic. It is a girl's retro romance, brisk but full of tenderness.



Fuchsia Fedora

If you want to add some gorgeous colors to autumn and winter, then consider fuchsia as one of the main colors of 2021/2022 autumn and winter. This color is rich and naughty, not only on velvet and silk, but also on leather or wool.



Pale Rosette

Pink and white roses are generally warmer. Neutral tailoring can fundamentally change the inherent softness of pink, such as adding shoulder pads, silhouettes and other elements to neutralize the softness of pink and make it very handsome.





Rodin Stone Blue has a black "slimming effect", neutral and advanced, giving people unlimited reverie mystery. Noble and elegant, and more elegant than black, with its own noble style and mysterious charm, easily highlighting the demeanor that the years have given to women!



Fire Whirlwind Red

Fire Whirl

The highly saturated red has strong visual stimulation, giving people the impression of enthusiasm, bravery, and full of vitality, gorgeous and not vulgar.




The adobe brown is much younger than the caramel color. All-match and charming or handsome.

After reading the 2021/2022 Fall/Winter Fashion Color Trend Report, are fashion buyers already full of inspiration! So hurry up and get the same color, and give your purchase plan a gorgeous color transformation.

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