Better to wear than camel, "milk tea color" is popular this winter!

Better to wear than camel, "milk tea color" is popular this winter!

It is said that camel is the exclusive representative color of autumn and winter, but if you are careful to wear it this season, it is not difficult to find that this low-key and gentle temperament milk tea color is the most advanced and eye-catching main color for this autumn and winter. The sugar color is gentler, warmer than oatmeal, and whiter than camel. Anyone can look good on it!

"Milk tea color" actually refers to the color between nude color and camel color. Because this color system is quite close to our favorite milk tea, it got its name. Of course, just as everyone has different preferences for the concentration of milk tea, the shade of milk tea is not static.

However, no matter the concentration of milk tea color, it can be better distinguished from camel color-in contrast, milk tea color has a bit less yellow tone than camel color, and adds a bit of white tone.

Visually less saturated, it can brighten skin tone. In addition, the milk tea color with a light tone can also wear a gentle and peaceful beauty, so to be honest, the milk tea color this winter is really good-looking and advanced!

The gentle milk tea color and soft waxy sweater are definitely the best partners, which can create a warm and beautiful atmosphere, which is pleasing to the eye.

And the all-match actual wear of the milk tea color sweater is even better, whether it is worn alone or as a jacket,

Whether it is matched with skirts or trousers, it can make you stylish and stylish, showing you the ability to wear well.

Don't just know the black, white and gray suit jackets that are necessary for autumn and winter. Choosing a milk tea suit can actually upgrade your temperament and beauty.

Regardless of the workplace or daily wear, it can make you elegant, sassy and beautiful, and show you all kinds of charm.

Camel coat is yellow, hard to control? Milk tea color coat can definitely capture your heart——

Not only does the whitening and complexion look outstanding, but it also makes you "look expensive",

The upper body is the sense of sight of the temperament lady who can be worn by the rich.

Milk tea color + white

Milk tea color + white is the best combination of fairy face value in daily wear. It is eye-catching and luxurious, but it is also light and beautiful, without the usual heavy and bloated feeling of autumn and winter.

Milk tea color + black

The gentle milk tea color and the handsome black color also have a unique style. It is a bit sassy and elegant and flat, and the charm of rigidity and softness is doubled.

Milk tea color + denim blue

Milk tea color + denim blue is a classic color combination that is very suitable for daily life and also has a sense of autumn and winter. It is full of retro and modern accents.

Milk tea color + red

Sisters who dare to play with the color collision method can also challenge the red + milk tea color method. One is as gentle as water, the other is as passionate as fire, and the two colors with completely opposite styles are put together, but they can collide with 1+1> The effect of 2 comes, the capital is stunning and eye-catching, and the rate of turning back is bursting.

Milk tea color with the same color

The same color system has always been YYDS, stacking different shades of milk tea colors together, not only is full of high-level sense, but also fashionable and layered, visually it can also stretch the body to look taller and thinner. The effect, the temperament is really worn out!


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