Coat + skirt = the most stylish and fashionable way to open in winter, it looks so good!

Coat + skirt = the most stylish and fashionable way to open in winter, it looks so good!

After the winter, the most popular outerwear item is the classic long coat, which combines warmth and fashion, and can best allow you to coexist with style and temperature. And although there are many good-looking and popular coats, the most eye-catching way to open is the high-value combination of "coat + skirt". Anyone can see fouls easily and let you in the dull season. It can still be a beautiful landscape.

Coat + knitted skirt

The most practical thing to wear daily to keep warm is the classic pair of "knitted skirt + coat".

Not only is it full of warmth, it can also present a minimalist and beautiful high-end charm, and the atmosphere will never be outdated.

Especially when your overcoat itself has a color or a pattern that has more personality and a sense of design,

Using a minimalist knitted skirt as an inner wear can also play a role in neutralizing the complex and the simple, and effectively enhance the texture of the shape.

If you want to show a better effect, "long coat + short knitted skirt" will be your best choice. Use the layering of the shape to lengthen the proportion of the legs.

The lower body only needs to be matched with mid-length boots to keep warm, fashionable and feminine.

Knitted skirts usually choose the basic color, which can match all coats and coats, but also has a more elegant and elegant texture.

Of course, if the overcoats in your closet are mostly simple and classic styles, you can also use colorful knitted skirts with more beautiful colors as the inner wear, and the eye-catching index will be properly improved.

High waist slim black dress French Hepburn style knit short skirt

Classic must-have universal base multi-color optional wool knitted dress

Coat + Printed Skirt

Who said that autumn and winter can't show the vibrant beauty of spring and summer? Use a gorgeous printed skirt to match the coat group CP,

Still can be beautiful and immortal, easily stand out among all living beings.

Printed skirts are definitely the first choice for monochromatic floral skirts.

Not only the upper body is good and the driving difficulty is low, the most important thing is that it can also collide with almost all of your coats to create fashionable sparks.

The light-colored printed skirt is the most gentle and sweet, and it is a perfect match for light-colored coats such as cream coats and oatmeal coats.

The dark-colored printed skirt will be more atmospheric and durable.

And visually there is a very good slimming effect.

Of course, if the printed skirt and your coat can match in color, then the overall shape will have a more advanced overall sense, showing good wearing skills.

Festive must-have a variety of materials ruffled lace heavy printed skirt

French retro high waist slim print skirt

Coat + pleated skirt

Coat + pleated skirt can be said to be a classic collocation routine sought after by the temperament. The pleated skirt can make your coat more elegant.

The most important thing is that it can significantly reduce the heavy and bloated feeling that coats are easy to breed, and make your winter look beautiful, smart and romantic.

The iconic pleated elements of pleated skirts are stylish and layered,

So in fact, we only need to choose the same color combination method for daily wear and it is very chic. Not only is it simple and easy to copy, but also can create a sense of advanced layering, and you can win a lot with ease.

Of course, you can also start with styles with printed patterns or color-blocking designs, which doubles the beauty index.

The most popular this season is the combination of "coat + pleated skirt + boots",

It has perfect beauty and warmth, and it can also create a vintage full of retro accent, which is simply too beautiful and practical to wear!

Tucked waist was thin, gentle style French pleated dress


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