Coats are indispensable for winter matching. The 4 principles of choosing coats are shared with you, super practical

Coats are indispensable for winter matching. The 4 principles of choosing coats are shared with you, super practical

Whether it’s a sweet girl or a high-cold girl who likes a mature girl, in autumn and winter, there are always a few coats in the wardrobe. The design of the coat looks very simple and low-key, very ordinary, but in fact It is not very easy to wear a coat with a sense of fashion. The coat is indispensable in winter. The 4 principles of choosing a coat are shared with you. It is super practical.

1. Choose color according to skin tone

When choosing a coat, you must first choose the right color that suits you. Generally speaking, autumn and winter coats are not the same as summer skirts. Summer skirts are usually more diverse in color design, but autumn and winter coats Usually the color design is relatively monotonous.

The basic black coat is usually very stable, simple and low-key, and very practical at the same time. This kind of basic color usually does not have high requirements for the skin tone. Young ladies of all skin tones can boldly try it.

If you have a fair skin tone, you can try a warm coat. The warm tones of the earth tones are simple and gentle to wear.

Young ladies with cold white skin usually have an advantage when they wear them. All kinds of colors can be controlled by hand, especially when wearing beige or high-grade gray, the advantage of skin color allows you to control this The color will be very advantageous, simple but with a high sense of coldness.

2. Choose the length according to your height

In addition to the different colors, the length design of the coat is also different. Different lengths are suitable for girls of different heights. When choosing the length of the coat, you need to choose according to your height. If your height is not very tall, you need to try a short one. Or a mid-length coat to reduce the cover for the legs.

A short coat with high-waisted trousers can show the slenderness of the legs and the sense of tallness through a short and one high matching method. This matching method is not very advantageous for women who are tall. They are very easy to use.

If your height is very tall, you can try a mid-length or super-length coat, and use the elongated hem design to show the atmosphere and free and easy matching effect. At the same time, you can also use the superiority of height to make this long The long coat or the longer coat is perfectly supported.

3, choose fabrics according to style

When choosing a coat, in addition to choosing the right length and color, it is also very important to choose different fabrics according to the style of wear you want to show.

If you want to wear a sense of luxury, you can try a faux fur coat, even with casual jeans, you can also wear a very expensive matching effect.

If you want to wear a fashionable look, you can try the combination of plaid style woolen fabrics, which are simple and comfortable with a retro-style high-end feel.

If you want to wear a sassy feeling, you can try a coat of leather fabric, windproof and warm at the same time, you can wear the cool feeling of a mature woman.

4, choose the inside according to the body shape

Many girls simply look at the fashion of the coat when they wear coats. In fact, if you want to wear a coat with a sense of fashion, the choice of inner wear is also very important. If your neck is very slender, and your figure is If you are very slender, you can try a self-cultivation inside. At the same time, combine the small scarf on the neckline, which can improve the temperament and upgrade the warmth.

If your neck is not very slender, you need to pay attention to it when you wear it. Don't stack it too much on the neckline, and don't be too rigid. You can try a small V-neck line or a moderately exposed line. To show a moderately exposed skin effect, when paired with a coat, it can show the slender neck and the sexy of mature women.

Coat is an indispensable item in the wardrobe in autumn and winter, but if you want to wear a coat with a high-level sense, you must know these 4 tips for choosing a coat!

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