Demonstration of stacking three kinds of suit jackets, which is stylish and aura at work every day

The suit jacket is undoubtedly a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe. Although the overall feels formal and mature, as long as you mix and match different items, you can wear different styles, and even add more changes and a sense of luxury to the shape.

1. Blazer x coat jacket

Who said you can only wear one coat? If you want to keep warm in winter, but don't want to look like a bloated Michelin, you might as well use a stiff suit jacket to create a clear curve.

Choose a suit jacket that fits the fit and use it as a second layer of blouses, plus Oversized coats or windbreakers. The lengths of the two jackets are stacked on the hips and knees, highlighting the neat layer. Sense, both high-end texture and fashionable style.

2. Blazer x jeans

In autumn, many people choose to match white T and jeans with a suit jacket; even in winter, the top becomes a turtleneck sweater style, and the lower body continues to choose jeans, the effect will be completely different.

The dark tones of winter clothing will be extraordinarily calm, if paired with jeans, it will be more bright, and wear a lazy breath, casual but not casual, and it will also weaken the seriousness of the formal items.

3. Blazer x hoodie

Want to be warm in the cold weather but don't want to wear a heavy coat, or feel that the suit jacket does not have enough warmth?

In fact, the problem can be solved by adding a fleece hoodie inside. Or if you want to create more layers, you might as well put on a turtleneck inside the hooded sweater, and then put on an Oversized suit jacket outside, showing a reckless femininity without losing personality.

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