Denim clothes are very busy this fall because they are so fashionable

Denim clothes are very busy this fall because they are so fashionable

Cowboys can be called a versatile "universal card" in everyone's wardrobe. Even if the trend changes, the cowboys still stand tall, and as long as they "play" well with the cowboy items, they can still be very colorful. The cowboy is very busy, and I have to hold on to it this fall!

In major brand shows, denim items are frequent customers, and designers can play new tricks on denim every season.

Hermes Fall/Winter 2021 Women's Collection

NOMANOMAN 2021 autumn and winter series

YOUWEI2021 autumn and winter series

YES BY YESIR 2021 autumn and winter series

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2021

But there are thousands of denim items, so how do you wear them?

Cowboy look

Wearing a pair of jeans alone may not show your exclusive love for denim elements. Then learn about the whole denim ~ All denim has been a favorite match for all kinds of wearers for many years.

Denim jacket with denim ripped pants is casual on the street, with wide-leg pants invincible showing long legs, and with straight-leg pants, it is casual and comfortable. It is a good choice for daily outings~

Wear an All denim outfit, with a base color inner outfit, slightly open, casual and fashionable.

In addition to the jacket and jeans, you can also try a denim shirt + jeans suit. If you want to highlight the waistline, tie up the top to make your legs longer.

The solid-color denim suit and the element of the lotus leaf edge, the full-scale effect of reducing the age, turn into a sweet girl in seconds.

In recent years, the "presbyopia" element has become popular, and the presbyopia is combined with denim clothing

You can also choose denim jumpsuits, which are simply tall and thin, and lazy people can also get it easily.

If you want a more layered look, you can choose to mix and match denim items with different shades to create a gradual effect, not so slick.

The top is long and the bottom is short is the most fashionable collocation rule this season. Long-sleeved denim shirts are paired with denim shorts to expose long legs and reduce dullness.

Denim skirts can be worn by small girls and tall girls, with a feminine personality.

denim jacket

Denim jackets are versatile and retro, with different items to present different styles. Stacking is very suitable for the current season, with a T-shirt and sweater inside, which is comfortable, layered and chic

The short denim jacket has always been a tall artifact. It is a magical item to improve the proportion of the figure. Wearing a high waist bottom suit, the skin is properly exposed and looks thin and tall~

The version of the Oversized denim jacket is very suitable for late summer and early autumn. Compared with other jackets, it is more lazy and casual. It can not only hide meat secretly, but also be stiff and stylish, with a neutral Boyfriend style.

Wear a loose denim jacket with shorts, which is very feasible for denim jackets. The combination of exposed legs makes the whole look very refreshing, fashionable and effortless~

Denim jackets are more neutral and handsome. Paired with skirts and other items that can reflect women's gentleness, you can find a balance between handsome and feminine. The elegance of the skirt and the heroism of the denim can add a lot to the outfit~

Denim skirt

Smarter fashionistas will choose a denim dress to interpret women's free and elegant multi-faceted temperament.

Make full use of the wide and stylish characteristics of traditional denim, retain the design of puff sleeves, ruffles, and waistbands to make the denim skirt show a romantic and elegant side. This color is also very thin when worn.

Light-colored denim skirts are fresher and easier to wear fashionable.

The retro sling denim skirt retains the casual attributes of cowboys, and is more suitable for relatively relaxing occasions, and shows the wearer's original body curve under the silhouette of self-cultivation.

When the wind is blowing or cooling down, you can add shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, etc. to any underwear.

Of course, compared to dresses, denim skirts are more versatile and practical to wear. Denim skirts can be mixed and matched with various items, and different styles can be created according to different denim skirt styles and collocations.

Long skirts are elegant and short skirts are more age-reducing and playful, and you can wear them with a girly feel without any effort.

Have you learned how to wear so many denim items? Autumn is here, don’t hurry to collect it and join the "cowboy" clan!


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