Do you know what types of trench coats are?

Do you know what types of trench coats are?

With the progress of the times, there are many improved styles of windbreakers, but the following classic structures (collar type, epaulettes, buttons, gun guards, windproof pieces) you will more or less see 1 or 1 on a windbreaker A few, let's take a look.

If you have shoulder width, shoulder height, shoulder thickness and other problems, no epaulettes or draped soft epaulettes can optimize your shoulders and solve your problems.

The classic trench coat is double-breasted. The more buttons, the more it will attract attention. So the color of the button is not obvious. Double-breasted buttons generally don't pick your figure. Two-row buttons will make the figure more upright. If the upper body is fuller, it is better to wear it open.

The unique mid-line of a single-breasted trench coat will make the figure more straight and slender. When a solid-color dress is worn inside, this mid-line is more obvious.

The buckle-free belt trench coat can draw a high waistline, reflect a little waist-hip difference, and reshape the body proportion. There is no button "excuse", the overall shape is very smooth, especially suitable for short girls.

In front of the left or right shoulder of the windbreaker, there is usually an extra piece of cloth called a gun guard, which is mainly used to pad the gun in wartime. The gun guard is thicker, and the windbreaker without gun guard should be selected when the upper circumference is plump or the inner part is too thick.

Flat-chested girls are more suitable for models with gun barriers, because they will divert their eyes and you will not see your shortcomings.

Many windbreakers have an extra piece of cloth on the back. This is the windproof sheet. When it rains, the belt is fastened so that the rain drips down the cloth to prevent the back from getting wet.

For people with wide shoulders, they will look super wide and strong. But for a slender, well-proportioned girl, it will look very chic and handsome.

The first one: This shoulderless drop sleeve design can be said to be super super thin and thin. There are no buttons on the placket. It is simple and elegant. The large neckline matches the loose version, even if the fat MM is 150 kg + Tibetan meat was thin.

The second piece: It looks like a standard classic windbreaker, but all the details have been simplified. The gun guard, epaulettes, and windproof pieces have been eliminated. Only the belt and buckle sleeves are reserved, which is more sassy and free.

The third piece: The big neckline has the effect of showing a small face and showing a thin chest. The gun blocks on the left and right sides of this piece are enlarged, and matched with the belt, it presents a double vision. The waist line is divided into a golden ratio, and the top is short and the bottom is long. Pieces have an invincible ratio.



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