Don’t just wear a hoodie with little black pants. It’s fashionable to reduce your age and look thinner

1. The collocation of hoodie + pants

Many people usually wear this way, but with different types of pants, the effect is quite different. If you have a good leg shape, you might as well match skinny jeans to show thin and straight long legs. If you want to be more simple and fashionable, you can choose the same color matching method to keep the top and trousers in the same color for the best effect. If the clothes are dark-colored, then a bright-colored bag on the back can play a finishing touch and make the style more fashionable.

Girls with thick legs and not straight legs should avoid the minefield of tights. They can be paired with straight-leg jeans to modify their leg shapes. Hoodie and straight-leg jeans are both casual styles and can easily create cool ones. Street style. For small people who want to wear high, they can wear pointed boots, because the more pointed the toe is, the more effectively the leg line can be extended, and the heel can be used to increase the height to make up for the lack of height.

Hoodie with wide-leg pants is also a very popular way to wear now, because wide-leg pants and sweaters have the same lazy and casual temperament. This kind of collocation is more suitable for tall girls. When wearing it, it is best to tie the hoodie into the waistband to create a high waistline effect, so as not to be lowered by the loose body. For a simpler approach, you can also choose the short hoodie that is popular this year, combined with high-waist wide-leg pants, the height of 160cm shows the effect of 170cm.



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