Don't always wear trousers when you wear a trench coat. Put on a skirt, look thin, fashionable and advanced

In fact, this also needs to be divided into two situations. One is a woman with a particularly good body, thin and tall, just like a clothes rack on a walk. Dressing and matching can naturally be more willful, with tight pants and wide-leg pants. They are all very good-looking and can easily show a sense of fashion.

However, there is another situation. Many girls are not perfect models. Their height or figure is not dominant, and they are not particularly good with clothes. Although the windbreaker is very meaty, the fat goddess can't wear tight pants, and the small girls can't control the wide-leg pants. Since this is the case, don't wear long pants when you wear a trench coat in autumn, it looks better with a skirt.

For a single product like dress, many girls who are not particularly good in figure may also not be able to handle it well, which seems too general. So, the best choice is a half-length skirt. The half-length skirt can well control the proportion of the figure, wear a good figure and show your good temperament, which can be controlled by a fat goddess or a small girl.

The temperature in autumn is neither cold nor hot, so it is better to match clothes, but it will still be a little cool in the morning and evening. In fact, when we are matching, we can choose a long windbreaker as much as possible to keep it warmer, and the tops and skirts that are matched inside should be more thoughtful.

It is best to wear alone, so that even if you take off the outer windbreaker when it is hot, the look inside will be very fashionable and eye-catching. The common collocation is the classic black and white base style. The top is white and the lower body is matched with a black skirt. This distinctive black and white color looks stronger. The simple black and white match, base or single wear, are both Is very good.

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