Don't know what to wear in autumn and winter? From the inside to the jacket, the must-have list is ready for you

Don't know what to wear in autumn and winter? From the inside to the jacket, the must-have list is ready for you

Unknowingly, the time has come to November, but many sisters are still confused about the autumn and winter seasons. The temperature in the north and south is different, so the difference in matching is also relatively large.

In fact, there are many items that can be used in general, such as basic tops or inner wear, etc. The same is true for the lower body, but the time period of application may be different in different regions.

In autumn and winter, the temperature is lower, so wear is based on keeping warm, you need to prepare some more common styles, and learn how to cleverly match, in order to be able to present a personal sense of uniqueness. Don't know what to wear in autumn and winter? From the inside to the jacket, the must-have list is ready for you!

When it comes to buying things, women have never accepted defeat. No matter how old they are, there will be a need for clothing types of all age groups. But in terms of buying clothes, you must know what is necessary and necessary. Single products can match the everyday fashion sense.

1. Basic style sweater

①Crew neck design

Sweater is one of the best basic styles, because it is comfortable and warm, it can be pure when it just enters the autumn. It can be used as an inside or worn directly.

The basic style of clothes must be a round neck design. Sweaters are simple and advanced. This is also the most basic form of sweaters. The sweater of the round neck style can be used as a base layer or a shirt, which can create a more perfect look.

②Tight-fitting style

Tight-fitting sweaters are not suitable for a pear-shaped figure, and are more suitable for girls with superior upper body lines, because the fit with the figure is relatively high, and it is more suitable to use the upper and lower tight methods when matching, which can better optimize the figure The ratio will not cause disharmony between upper and lower. Moreover, tight-fitting sweaters have a major feature. When matched with any jacket, there will be no sense of contradiction, unless the color selection is not good.

③Polo collar sweater

Polo collar sweaters are very popular after the retro style is popular, and many sweaters have this kind of neckline. Especially girls who like sports and retro styles, in the first autumn, wearing this kind of neckline sweater is so handsome. Affected by the fashion trend, it is also perfect as an inner wear, completely creating the present. The retro fashion is in ordinary sweaters, the difference lies in the subtleties of the neckline.

2. All-match basic shirt

①Simple basic white shirt

A white shirt is simply a versatile match item, because no matter what season it will appear, it can be used as an outside outfit in spring, or as an inside outfit. In summer, it can completely have the effect of sun protection. It is more effective in autumn and winter. It is a must-have item for layering.

The oversize style is popular nowadays. It will not be monotonous or old-fashioned. There will be more ways of matching white shirts with this silhouette. They can be stacked directly or used as an inner wear and combined with the jacket as an embellishment. .

②Fashion tough denim shirt

There is a big difference between denim shirts and white shirts, with a strong retro temperament and style, and a material that fits the atmosphere of autumn and winter. Denim elements are popular in the fashion circle because their overall version is more It is quite wide and relatively malleable. Because the fabric is more rigid, it is also very suitable to wear some back-style clothes, which does not look weird.

3. All-match basic sweater

①Basic round neck sweater

In life, the single item that women match the most must be a sweater, because no matter what age or style, sweaters can be well interpreted, and can be used as a jacket or as an inner wear.

When it’s just entering autumn when it’s slightly cold, it’s constantly being superimposed, and it can be worn directly as a jacket. It has a sense of layering. When the weather is cold, it is also particularly suitable to match with a suit, windbreaker or overcoat. The overall style is also stronger. .

② Hooded sweater

Hooded sweaters have more limitations than round-necked sweaters because they tend to be looser. For some more mature women, it will be difficult to create an elegant style, because the styles of sweaters are more casual. Sense, especially the oversize round neck sweater, is more suitable to create a street sense.

Essential coat items
1. All-match basic suit

①Necessary black suit

Everyone needs to experience a normal living environment, that is, from school to work. When they are integrated into the society, the clothes they wear tend to be suitable for the combination of leisure, and the black suit is necessary for commuting or formal occasions. A single product, today's black suit creates a silhouette shape, wearing a refreshing and advanced feeling, without a trace of dullness, and very versatile.

②Retro silhouette suit

There is more than one suit in the fashionable girl’s wardrobe, but there are many suits that can be matched. After the autumn and winter seasons, many woolen style clothes are suit versions, which are more textured and more attractive, almost never Outdated, with a retro feel, silhouette suits are more suitable for matching, if they can have some checks, they will be more suitable.

2. Warm and stylish jacket

①A calm and noble earth-tone coat

In the autumn and winter seasons, many women start with colors when choosing clothes. The calm and noble earth color system is almost impossible to go wrong. Camel is the first choice, but the color should not be too dark. The skin tone of Asians is not very friendly. It is best to choose a drape and waistline.

②Working style jacket

Nowadays, women are more inclined to match the neutral style, so they must need a workwear type jacket. Whether it is a cotton or a down jacket, it can create a strong sense of handsomeness, but this type of jacket will have a certain sense of swelling and more It is suitable for girls with better body to control, and it has a warm effect when matched together. The overall shape is cool and handsome!

In the matching of tops, you can choose between these two types. Whether it is an inner or a jacket, it can hold up the entire autumn and winter season.

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