Don't know where to start dressing when going out? There are many kinds of "jeans", unlocking a variety of styles is not monotonous

Don't know where to start dressing when going out? There are many kinds of "jeans", unlocking a variety of styles is not monotonous

I think almost every girl has a pair of jeans in her wardrobe. As a handle in the fashion circle, jeans play a great role, and there are plenty of tops that can be matched.

Whether it’s in winter or other seasons, when you don’t know where to start or how to choose pants, you can avoid a lot of mistakes with jeans, and at the same time increase casualness. a feeling of.

In addition to the benefits, of course jeans also have its shortcomings. This type of style is relatively simple, so you must combine your body shape when wearing it, otherwise it will easily become fat when you wear it.

Choose the right width and version, so that the sense of shape you create will reduce the chance of stepping on thunder. If girls are too lazy to always pick pants, they can prepare more jeans at home so that no matter what kind of clothes you wear, they can withstand the test.

Jeans and different tops

Jeans with a one-piece top

In winter, some places are actually not so cold, and even cold air rarely comes. At this time, if you wear too much, it will not only be very cumbersome, but also particularly uncomfortable, so it is good to wear a small coat alone. of.

The design of the top like this is very nice. The dark apricot color shows the softness. When matched with blue jeans, it will not make the wear too ordinary. The combination of the two colors is also very coordinated. The overall feeling Super European and American style.

Sisters who think blue will be fat can also change it to a different color, such as our denim black. This color system can not only look thin, but also the overall feeling is super atmospheric, and can even control different top color systems. , No matter what single color is used.

Sisters who like to wear black all over, don’t limit yourself. If you want the overall look less monotonous, then you can choose a combination of shades, so that the upper and lower items can form a sense of color difference, and it will not look too single, and there is a full set of black real It's very slim.

Jeans with long coat

I think there should be no girl who can stand the temptation of a long piece. This long piece has a great beauty. It can be used to enhance the temperament when wearing it, and it is for sisters with thick legs. , It is a great gospel.

Sisters who love to wear jeans and are a little bit fat, choose a coat to match it. The coat can cover half of the legs, and it is black, so the overall wear is not only fashionable, but also shows the slenderness of the figure. .

Pure color coats are relatively simple, while those like plaid are richer in style design. This type of coat has a strong sense of retro, so when used to wear it, it can optimize your Temperament and image.

Using a dark plaid coat with blue jeans, although the top looks very dull, but with the addition of vigorous jeans, the overall feeling becomes different, and the colors are better coordinated.

For high-quality women’s professional dress, use a small black base to modify the figure so that the inner look will not be bloated, and then pair it with high-waisted jeans to create a waistline and body shape.

The long coat is used as an exterior outfit. Not only is the color adjusted well, but the connection between the single product and the single product is also in place. Black high boots are used as the whole body embellishment, and the overall matching temperament is styled.

Short jacket with jeans

Every girl has requirements for every girl to wear. For some girls, long coats fit their body better, and they like it better.

But for some girls, they may prefer the skillful and casual style of short coats, so this is the sense of demand generated by different people.

The short coat is actually quite good in style, and it is more capable when used for matching than the long coat. Of course, the shorter length does not have so much weight.

Use a short coat with high-waisted jeans. This outfit can show your long legs. Simply match a white T-shirt as an inner outfit, so the overall feeling is very feeling.


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