Down jacket + straight trousers, the best outfit for winter!

Down jacket + straight trousers, the best outfit for winter!

The most popular this year is the bread suit, and the most convenient and no-brainer match is the straight-leg pants. Today we will take a look at the simple and fashionable outfits.

The most popular in the past two years is the short down jacket with straight-leg pants. It seems simple, but it is also the favorite style of girls. The most handsome is the short down jacket with mopping trousers. At this time, you can wear a pair of sneakers to create a fashionable and fashionable style. Non-pretentious look.

Some people like to wear a little looser, the down jacket of the bread jacket is a bit similar to the oversized style, and the inner layer can also be worn in various layers. You can wear wide-leg pants at will, and you can also use canvas shoes to show more literary and leisure. Student fan.

Short down is relatively neat in winter, but you also need to wear a thicker lower body to keep you warm. At this time, you have to wear straight or wide-leg pants to conceal all kinds of thick legs. Wear a pair of ankle boots like the simplest straight jeans.

Sometimes wearing a short down jacket with wide-leg pants, such as those with a little sturdy waist and hips, can change the wide-leg pants to mom jeans. This kind of pants are more hip-covered. At this time, wearing a short down jacket is more suitable.

The half-length down jacket is also a favorite of some people, which can directly cover the hips. This length of down jacket is more warm and practical. If you match straight pants or wide-leg pants, it is best to reach the ankles, like the nine-point style, this This kind of visually easy to show short legs, like the look below is very obvious.

Long legs are suitable for wearing a half-length down jacket with mopping straight-leg pants, which will also lengthen the legs. If you wear double pointed shoes, you can create a better visual sense.

Black down jackets are generally the most durable in winter. Paired with black or blue wide-leg pants and straight-leg trousers, they are more neat, you can pull a side, and wear a pair of Martin boots are already very handsome.

Sometimes wearing a black down jacket, if some people don’t wear makeup, their facial features will be dull, and they will definitely look dull without any bright spots. It’s better to have a color line in the picture on the right, and it will also brighten the skin tone.

The black down jacket has the following stitching style, which is a little more fashionable than the regular color. If you create a black look all over, you can work a little bit on accessories and makeup.

In fact, there are many choices for down jackets in winter, especially the skin color and temperament of some people can challenge bright colors. You might as well buy a short colored down jacket, and winter trousers are black, blue and beige. This way of wearing is also easy.

Some down jackets have a wider hem. If you have slim legs, you can wear tight-fitting jeans with sneakers or ankle boots. You can match them based on the actual situation.

Like the hoodie in the down jacket below, with a tight black base, this kind of outfit has always been the favorite look of celebrities, and people with online figures can try this outfit.

Some people also like to mix and match the most, like down jackets with leg-fitting sweatpants or overalls. This kind of outfit requires height and a thinner figure.

If the figure is well-proportioned, that is, people with long legs, you can wear a down jacket with tight trousers. This is also the most visible outfit, with a pair of Chelsea boots.


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