Dress up in autumn and winter, "focus on"! Play with the proportions, and wear out the "high-level sense" at will~

Dress up in autumn and winter, "focus on"! Play with the proportions, and wear out the "high-level sense" at will~

It is better to learn how to dress by buying more clothes. If the birth of a piece of clothing is the first creation of a clothing designer, then clothing matching is the second creation of a piece of clothing given by the wearer.

Your clothes will tell others who you are, whether you are a confident and capable professional, or a mature woman with affinity, and your clothes will "betray" you. In "re-creation", the most important aspect of image management is proportion. 

1 The best proportion of color matching: 70%: 25%: 5%

In your set of collocations, the main color accounts for 70%, the auxiliary colors account for 25%, and the embellishment colors account for 5%. This is the best color matching ratio. In the workplace, the main color is usually the "main course" of hardware such as coats, usually neutral colors such as black, white, gray and blue coffee; while the auxiliary colors, usually the software "side dishes" such as built-in, can be bright colors; embellishment colors, Usually silk scarves, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., play the role of finishing touch, here may as well use your favorite personality color.

But it should be noted that the whole should be echoed from the beginning to the end and form a system of its own. Either the skinny and elegant matching method of the same color or neighboring colors, or the contrasting color matching method with agitated personality. It makes people feel that there is rhythm in dressing, not playing the piano indiscriminately.

2 Build a 6: 2: 2 formation

Dressing should have an overall view. The overall shape of clothing, makeup, and accessories are divided into approximately 6:2:2. If makeup and accessories are absent, even if you wear 100-point clothes, you can only get 60 points in total, just like there is no "supporting facilities". But just focusing on small interests by personal hobbies will also lose regional points. For example, people who like skin care and makeup may not actively "buy shirts", or those who spend a lot of money on bags but never have a good pair of shoes.

In your wardrobe, the ratio of basic models, classic models, and individual models should also have the concept of 6:2:2. Who is 6 and who 2 depends on your industry and position. It is estimated that 60% of executives are classic models, while freelancers may be 60% of individual models.

3 Always reject 1:1, choose 1:2 or 2:3

Don't wear yourself into a 1:1 five-five suit. This seems to be a cliché, but in fact it is a recurring mistake. This article not only instructs us to pay attention to the vertical adjustment of the ratio of top and bottom installations, either the top is short and the bottom is long, or the bottom is short and the top is long. It also reminds us that we should also pay attention to the main and secondary and detailed aspects in terms of color and material. Slightly.

4 the universal twenty-eight principle

In terms of image management, if we want to make a lot of effort, we must put 80% of the single products and highlights that can best demonstrate your image advantage on the upper body, especially the V-neck area above the chest; and those colors and styles that are most suitable for you are also To be close to the face 80%. The more formal the occasion, the better it is. On the negotiating table, on the podium, and in the video footage, what you see most is your "ID Photo" area.

In the wardrobe management, clothing for high-frequency occasions with a high usage rate can account for 80%, and clothing for special occasions that "wear once, idle for half a year" account for up to 20%.

5 Cheats for 1 as 10

In the details, small coups can be used in two or two ways. For example, you always have three "increasing points", one is to wear more V-neck or U-neck, lengthen the neck line. The second is to raise the waistline by 5 cm. By creating a "high waistline", the legs can be visually elongated, allowing a small person to obtain a sense of sight of 1.65 meters from 1.55 meters. Regardless of the silhouette, the most slim and tall is the cropped trousers, because "appropriate exposure" is one of the golden rules of image management.

6 Strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses, seven points depend on dressing

Three-point look, seven-point dress, image management is the art of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Don’t stare at your flaws all day long, such as "My legs are not good enough to wear a skirt." You might as well spend a little more energy to study your relative advantages. Everyone has their own beauty, and you can say that you are the most beautiful. Three o'clock? Do you have a maximization plan for these image advantages? In addition to becoming your own "expert for hiding the ugliness and avoiding shortcomings", you must also become your own "advantage excavator."

Clothes worn are not absolute values, they are always relative values. Your absolute height, weight, and age are not fatal. The important thing is to play with the proportions, get the relative value, and show your aesthetic value as a whole.

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