Everything can be ins style! 3 secrets of wearing ins style, the source of high-level comfort.

Everything can be ins style! 3 secrets of wearing ins style, the source of high-level comfort.

I don’t know if you have noticed that in the past two years, the single products about ins style have been very popular. Whether it is ins style online celebrity shops, ins style home furnishings or ins style dressing, they are all sought after by the younger generation. Remember the phrase "Everything can be Supreme"? It should now be changed to "everything can be ins style" to be more appropriate.

As a genius who wears clothes, I would like to ask you, do you really know what ins style is? Is it just that cold and clean feeling? What kind of outfit is an ins style outfit? Is it just plain color?

Today I will take you together to study carefully and study exactly what is the ins style to wear.

What is the ins style to wear

In fact, the ins style, as the name suggests, is a style that came out of Instagram. The ins style not only has a clean and natural color scheme, but also a unique and dazzling design, which makes people feel a very high level of comfort at first glance, and It often fits well with some popular topics nowadays, and is a matching style with high fashion value.

Cold, minimalist, and stylish style has become synonymous with ins style. In terms of clothing collocation, the color system of ins style has also changed a lot. Pure color and mix and match are a highlight. It can be handsome when it is all black, but It can also make people feel very advanced when mixing colors.

The ins style is a plain and high-level dressing style. Whether you are a sweet and gentle girl, a cool girl with the best attitude, or a cool and intellectual girl, you can find your own way of matching in the ins style. It may be precisely this minimalist style that can control so many possibilities. This should be the reason why the ins style can be so popular.

Unique and tolerant ins style

Although we have been talking about the ins style, in fact it has never meant a single kind of outfit. On ins, the style of outfits is mainly divided into two types: ins styles of Japanese and Korean styles and ins styles of European and American styles.

The Japanese and Korean ins style is actually not well defined, because it is very "inclusive" and cannot be absorbed without it, so it is also cold, Harajuku, and European and American style. But among them, the Japanese ins style will have one of the most notable features is that the ins of Japanese girls are generally more recognizable than those of Korean girls, and the world-weary face makes them more unique and difficult to imitate.

Japanese and Korean ins styles are mainly simple, casual, and personal. The colors are mainly warm Morandi colors. In addition to pure colors, the ins style is recommended for mixed colors. Note that the whole body can not exceed 3 colors, the elements should not be too complicated, and there should not be too strong color collision. Such a combination of colors is easier to show the sense of high-end wear.

Ins styles of European and American styles, in addition to having breasts and fat buttocks like Kardashian, are more romantic French lifestyle outfits like Christie Tyler. The characteristic of this outfit is usually subtraction on clothing collocation, and then Use makeup and accessories to light up the overall shape, so that the combination will not only look more refined, but the simple elements will also appear more advanced.

The European and American ins style is the easiest to highlight the sense of high quality. The daily lazy and casual retro style can not only highlight the sexy and elegant temperament of the whole person, but the low saturation and cool and clean color system will also make the whole It looks more textured.

The ultimate secret of ins style: accessories

Behind this minimalist fashion style, in addition to the clothing collocation itself, the part that best reflects the sense of design is the indispensable accessories. Due to the cold texture of the clothing, the matching of accessories is mostly based on the shape of metal and pearls. , Often an exquisite and suitable accessory can make the whole look more accent.

Although the ins-style accessories may seem simple, to really match the feeling of wearing ins-style, and to add the icing on the cake, still need a little secret. Stacking is the most important technique. As long as you wear a few long and short, large and small, the style of ins immediately appears. But I still have to remind you that when stacking, the choice of size and the choice of graphics and text are not easy to be exaggerated, otherwise it will only feel more cumbersome.

Ins-style accessories paired with pure-color clothing, there is always an inexplicable sense of luxury. It is difficult to say who is the set off. Accessories seem to be an indispensable part of ins-style outfits, minimalist outfits. It is often easy to appear advanced but sometimes it appears rigid and boring, and the accessories can just neutralize the monotony in the minimalism, so the ins style must have the name of the accessory in the outfit.

In fact, the ins style is also a sense of ritual to life, let's be a delicate girl together~

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