Fashion Trends - Jeans Trends for 2022!

Fashion Trends - Jeans Trends for 2022!

The most popular style items in the denim category are coats and trousers, especially trousers. Therefore, the process design based on trousers is particularly important; therefore, based on the aesthetics and creativity of trousers, etc. The factors are summed up: holes + chains, straps + hollow, positioning hollow + handwork, zipper + holes, hole brushing + decorative lines and other craft elements that are very popular among the public and fashionistas.
What kind of jeans will be popular in 2022? Special rules were laid out this spring: new silhouettes, colors and specific types of trim.

01. wide leg jeans

Baggy jeans were one of the absolute trends last spring, with the Lyst platform seeing a 52% increase in requests related to “loose” or “wide” pants throughout the year. The list of trends for Spring/Summer 2022 also confirms that they are correct: next year jeans will be loose, like Valentino, Molly Goddard, Missoni and MGSM Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

02. Denim Bermuda Shorts

In 2022, the Bermuda shorts will be available in oversized styles, taking styling cues from Coach or Vaquera looks, they decided to combine the ultra-wide shorts with a bra, either under a light jacket or over other shirts, and Try layering. Isabel Marant presents a boho model.

03 . ripped jeans

In the spring of 2022, "ripped" jeans will remain on the list of undisputed leaders. The brand offers options to suit all tastes: cuts can be minimal, as at the knee, as designed by Vetements, or more extreme, as at Dolce & Gabbana.

04. Stitching Denim

With the upcycling boom, patchwork seems to be one of the logical trends that will continue into next year. Speaking of denim, in 2022 this technique will once again be one of the motto: combine different shades of blue (like Marques Almeida or Dsquared2), black denim (like Amiri), or opt for pinks and purples like Marine Serre wears a tank top and signature waning moon long sleeves.

05. "Signature" Denim

Jeans have also fallen into the logoomania trend. In 2022, they will be blank canvases displaying the signature of the fashion house to which they belong. It can appear on light-coloured trousers such as: Vetements with black logos, Coach with navy blue, Max Mara where jackets, shorts and tops are embroidered with the Italian brand's lettering.

06. Printed denim

Denim became a fabric that required experimentation and creativity. By 2022, it's not just shabby and patchwork materials that will bring DIY principles to life: paint effects will be another trend that will encourage us to personalize the jeans we already have in our wardrobes. It can be a picturesque butterfly like Chanel or a bohemian pattern like Etro.

07. Embellished Denim

It's no surprise that a passion for festive looks and glitz has taken over denim: in fact, for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, jeans are subtly embellished with shiny appliqués. Witnessing this trend, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana and Dries Van Noten are turning simple jeans into real jewelry.

08 .dark blue denim

Among the different shades of denim, the main advantage lies in dark blue. Take inspiration from the Spring/Summer collections of Saint Laurent, Amiri and Emporio Armani.

09. Twill Denim

It’s only logical that this image stands out again: Canadian tuxedos or full denim are on the rise because of their practicality. Wear jeans with a denim shirt, jacket or crop top.

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