Fashion Trends of Accessories Analysis of the Core Items of the 2022/23 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

Fashion Trends of Accessories Analysis of the Core Items of the 2022/23 Spring/Summer Fashion Show

In this season of comfort and safety, accessories trends for spring-summer 2021 stand out. From heavy statement chains to loud, bright colors, summer 2021 jewelry is big and loud. Designers want to adorn their simple collections with eye-catching jewelry. Accessories can bring joy to an understated and comfortable garment during these difficult times, which is exactly what people need. When it comes to spring 2021 accessory trends for non-jewelry accessories, masks and gloves are our must-haves during the pandemic, while belts hint at spring silhouettes. Pursue the ultimate in minimalist detailing, storytelling and personalisation to create heirloom pieces.

1. chain necklace

Chain styles continue to perform well in retail, occupying a central position in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, and chanel's Spring/Summer 2022 collection of thick chains has also transitioned to go hand in hand with finer chains

Including contrasting chain designs, signature fasteners, mixed metal plating, trendy logo graphics and personalized designs, see Valentino's designs. These details are consistent with our ultimate minimalist chain theme.

chanel2022 spring and summer series

Valentino2022 spring and summer series

2. earrings

Continuing the application of sophistication to the Givenchy upper body, the earrings are an evergreen addition to the classic core collection, and the barrel-shaped silhouette, as shown by MiuMiu, embodies the ultimate simplicity. Incorporating the geometric modular design concept, with additional pearl charms or detachable crystal accessories, MiuMiu is personalized and suitable for day and night.

Givenchy2022 spring and summer series

MiuMiu2022 spring and summer series

3. Pendant

The Courreges Spring/Summer 2022 collection of everyday pendants exudes a playful touch of fringed joyous design. Eye-catching materials, bold metallic colors, big impact in a small size

The Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 collection introduces glass, changing gemstones, including AB colored crystals, colored enamels, and Regency-style pastels, as well as dopamine bright colors. Meaningful design is still the main driving force for jewelry development, personalization, and the use of interesting The typography updates the initial design, or adopts a style that reflects the memory of the material. Explore ancient themes by taking inspiration from the ethereal and whimsical designs of London label Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Courreges2022 spring and summer series

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

4. Bracelet

The new focus on bracelets in the market has led to the rise of classic bracelet combinations. Given the success of chain construction, the key to creating this look is a combination of traditional and trendy link designs that can be marketed as a complete set. Key link designs include curb, snake, omega and anchor, as well as round, oval and elongated styles.

Giorgio Armani2022 spring and summer

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

5. Ring

Rings become a noteworthy category, a must-have in the metal collection, redesigned with modern materials and high-end details

Front-opening shank and flowing form, take inspiration from Toronto. Hearts remain a key pattern that can be updated with jewelry trends. You can also consider applying decorative art, echoing the theme of time

Balenciaga2022 spring and summer series

Balmain2022 spring and summer series

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