For girls who are short in height, when they wear short down jackets, the bottoms are like this, they are thin and tall and light!

For girls who are short in height, when they wear short down jackets, the bottoms are like this, they are thin and tall and light!

In fact, there were not many people wearing short down jackets a few years ago, maybe because the weather was colder than it is now, and the matching of short down jackets has not been developed yet, but it is different now, short down jackets It can also be very warm, and the short down jacket will look taller and taller, especially for short women, so short women, when wearing a short down jacket, the bottoms can be matched like this, thin and tall and very light!

1. Match with leather pants

Use leather pants to match a short down jacket. The breath of autumn and winter is really strong. Short women can drive leather pants without any pressure because they are versatile and easy to wear, and they are very elastic and very thin. Compared with ordinary black Pants and leather pants will be more distinctive, and the down jacket itself is relatively fluffy, especially the short down jacket, without a downward hanging force, it is likely to be fat, but leather pants can be worn underneath. Good convergence effect, not only looks thin, but also looks tall and tall, warm and light, very suitable for small girls!

2. Match wide-leg pants

The second recommended pants are wide-leg pants. Many women are not tall and slim. When they wear tight leggings, they will look shriveled, and if they are not tall and have thin legs, they will be even worse. People are short and small, but wide-leg trousers can perfectly solve this problem. Wide-leg trousers are looser and more atmospheric, which can help small women to enhance their aura. The design of loose trouser legs and high waist is also very obvious. High, matching with a short down jacket will make you look a little more plump and stylish, and even if you are fatter, it doesn’t matter. It just so happens that wide-leg pants are also very concealed. They are also very light and don’t feel bloated. When others are still bloated like carrot heads, you are a light and tall elfin winter.

3. Shorts + knee boots

The last way to wear is shorts and over-knee boots. This method actually separates several parts of the body. It looks taller. Shorts have long legs, but shorts are worn under winter. It’s also weird. At this time, you can add a pair of over-the-knee boots underneath, which can balance the collocation on your body, but also emphasize your legs, making your legs look like an enhanced effect. This collocation is used on the upper body. A short down jacket is the most suitable, because if you are a long down jacket, it will cover part of the legs, which will look strange, but the short one just exposes the lower body, making it look very long and good. Short women can really give it a try, and it will not be cumbersome to wear this way. Over-the-knee boots can also be used as half pants, keeping warm and looking thin!


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