For women in the workplace, don’t always be too serious. It’s best to use this "three-piece suit" in early winter.

For women in the workplace, don’t always be too serious. It’s best to use this "three-piece suit" in early winter.

Many young sisters in the workplace always feel that they have a single look when they wear them, and they don't know how to wear them to meet their needs. Indeed, in his position, the items required for different job types are different.

But in fact, professional women are quite rich in choice, not as complicated as everyone thinks, and there are even many types that can be selected. Generally speaking, women in such positions still have to try more. Other styles.

If you want your style to be more effective, you should fundamentally break the traditional monotony and regularity, and learn to make good use of other items of the same style to make a qualitative leap in style.

If you want to make your style more advanced and fashionable, then you need to enhance yourself through more avant-garde clothing, deepen your temperament and sense of trend, mainly rely on these skills to start, hurry up and learn together.

The strongest three-piece suit for professional women

Slightly wide suit design is not rigid

The loose version is more comfortable than the tight-fitting version, and you can feel it physically when you wear it. Therefore, most of the time when choosing a style, they still choose a looser type.

But it can't be too big, otherwise it will be too bloated. The slightly wide design is the most practical and the easiest to match. It will not even affect the overall feeling of it, so it will be more effective in modifying the temperament.

Using small suits to match high-waisted jeans, the style breaks through the traditional trousers and suits, which makes the style innovative, and the jeans themselves are also a more dynamic and fashionable one, so they will not look very Earthy.

The black suit jacket is thinner, and a white T-shirt inside forms a classic effect of white inside and black outside. This is practical and high-end. The high-waist jeans underneath show long legs, and the overall look is formal and casual.

Temperament coat has high taste

In addition to wearing a suit, you can also choose a long coat. These long pieces are more suitable for girls with a little pear shape when they are worn. They can modify your figure, and the long version has a trendy style.

I think wearing a long coat has a sense of mystery. When it is used in the workplace, it is not ordinary at all, and even the sense of elegance will deepen. This type of single product has a strong and elegant atmosphere to control, and the sense of atmosphere comes out all at once.

Use jeans as the bottom item, and the coat chosen will not be affected whether it is dark or light, but the style is different. Like this apricot coat, the style interprets the best state of senior women.

But the style is not the one that looks very old. With a black turtleneck sweater in this light color, and a pair of blue jeans, the style is advanced and generous in the workplace without being too grand, and it can also reduce the regularity. Stiff breath.

Wide-leg trousers are versatile and generous

In this era, everyone's vision for choosing trousers is very different from before. Once, everyone would choose a more slim style, but now everyone chooses mainly loose-fitting. This type is more popular.

For a type like trousers, it is better to choose slightly wide, and it can also play a role in modifying the legs. This type of trousers can control a lot of figures and can be worn on tops. Also rich.

The high-waisted style is suitable for both tall and short girls. When choosing trousers, it is best to choose a high-waisted style, and then add the overall sense of layering by stacking the tops, thereby enriching the single product Between the links.

Cool down and wear a jacket, so that the overall look is high-class and generous. Wearing this way in the workplace can add elegance, and the warm color system also makes the style more feminine, and the overall shape is gentle and texture.

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