Four eye-catching styles of coats and trench coats, there is always one that suits you!

Four eye-catching styles of coats and trench coats, there is always one that suits you!

If you want to say the most practical and beautiful items for autumn and winter, the windbreaker or coat will definitely be on the list.

In addition to being a must-have item for the autumn and winter seasons, they also have a rich variety of changes that make us always in style. In addition, they are also a very good entry point to wear.

If you also like coats or trench coats, but don't know which style to start with, it is better to take a look at the following 4 matching inspirations.

Handsome military style

The first thing I want to recommend to everyone is this handsome military style, which is very suitable for beauties who like to wear neatly.

You can choose coats and windbreakers with large pockets and belts. These two elements can greatly enhance the sense of handsomeness in style.

In addition, large pockets can also increase practicality and functionality, for example, sometimes you can omit the matching of bags, which looks simpler and more free.

For belts or belts, this type of decoration can not only emphasize the waistline, but also create a stiff and capable feeling.

Generally, the inner wear can be adjusted according to the coat and windbreaker. For example, the simplest one can be a shirt and jeans or black short pants.

Or, you can also match the suit of the same color, which is also very suitable for going out in a second.

Soft flamboyant plush

How can there be less comfortable plush elements in this autumn and winter season? The plush has also been put on the coat in the past two years.

The light, soft and short hair like this teddy bear can visually give people a kind of warmth, and at the same time with a little playful feeling.

And this gorgeous and exaggerated soft long hair looks more luxurious and noble, and it can easily create a high-cold air field.

Whether it is short or long hair, it depends on how you switch. It can be suitable for different occasions and different styles.

But I want to remind everyone here that while paying attention to fashion, we must also pay attention to environmental protection. It is not recommended to buy fur or animal leather clothing.

Stitching of different materials and color blocks

If you want to become a street photographer, you can show your unique taste as long as you make good use of a single product.

If you usually like the simple style, but also want to create eye-catching effects through the jacket, then you can choose this kind of splicing of different materials or color blocks.

For example, tops and trousers can be kept clean and simple, but the stitching of different materials or the design with eye-catching color block combination can make you jump out of the whole body at once.

This design is recommended for you who are not good at using bright-colored items as a reference, to maintain the comfort you are used to, but without losing your fashion taste.

Bold and eye-catching patterns and colors

The super popular animal skin patterns in the past two years are also recommended to everyone. In addition to the most commonly used shoes and trousers, you can also boldly try to choose an animal pattern coat.

However, if the animal pattern is not what you like, or if you think it is too mature for you, then you can also choose one with bright color printing elements.

For example, popular trends such as pink and blue are all you can refer to.

Give your personality to your heart's content, make sure you wear it like this, and walking out is the focus of your attention~

Coats and trench coats are actually very good items that highlight individuality! Learn to think carefully, you can dress more tastefully~


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