French women are too good at wearing them, and they have a high sense of stability when they wear them easily. The lazy high-end is also suitable for autumn and winter.

French women are too good at wearing them, and they have a high sense of stability when they wear them easily. The lazy high-end is also suitable for autumn and winter.

If it is the most elegant and effortless fashion, I think it must be French style! That kind of relaxation, that kind of inadvertent feeling of wind, is not just as simple as high-level, but also reveals laziness and sexy, which is very fascinating.

Whether they are mature or immature, whether lightly mature or young, French women have their own unique insights in dressing, knowing how to avoid and release, so it seems that every set of dressing is tailor-made, beautiful and letting People linger forever.

Even in this era of endless fashion, even in the era when everyone knows the French style, those who love French styles are still happy and stick to their own style.

Lively and interesting and with a retro charm, it can still be a fish in the whole fashion environment, not only by clothing and accessories, but also by the attitude of not going with the flow, so some people say that it is also a classic that will not be outdated.

In the outfits of many fashionistas and celebrity bloggers, everyone can find that French style is not so complicated, and there are not too many restrictions, just a kind of arbitrary appearance, showing nature and beauty.

So sometimes I have to say that French women are too good at wearing them, and they have a sense of stability when they wear them. The lazy and advanced are also suitable for autumn and winter. At the same time, they can show different textures and create different outfits. feel.

French clothing wears and builds ideas, clothing multi-purpose basic models

After reading the outfits of too many street photography bloggers, you will find that their clothing selection and use are mainly based on basic styles, such as suits, coats, sweaters, jeans, etc., although they are all It is very common and there are no bright spots, but in the matching of clothing, it is so natural and exquisite.

It can not only show the temperament of wearing, but also create an elegant wearing effect, and for most people, the basic model can be controlled well, and the visually good-looking is not vulgar.

The colors are simple and not fancy

Whether it’s the basic color or adding other color modifications and embellishments, the French style can show a good texture on wear, but in general, the French style is mainly based on the basic colors, such as black and white gray and earth colors. Concise, generous and charming.

But don’t think that the color is limited to this, some bright and bright colors can also be used, but pay attention to the layering of the color, the matching of light and shade or the color matching and contrast, etc., can reflect the beauty of wearing, visually It won't look fancy.

French style wear and wear details, use accessories to increase the level



No matter what kind of clothing is worn, accessories can play a big role. Embellishment and modification will not make the clothing more old-fashioned and tacky. On the contrary, it will be more detailed, and suitable for autumn and winter. There are many accessories, such as a painter's hat, a bag, a scarf, etc., which can highlight the fashion sense of wearing and show different charm and aura.

If you feel that the color and the clothing itself are relatively monotonous in the overall outfit, you can use bright-colored accessories for blessing to play the focal point of the outfit and also bring good results.

Little exposed skin increases romance

In the French style, even the autumn and winter dresses are not too dull, nor will they choose clothing that wraps the body. On the contrary, properly exposing the skin can not only increase the sense of lines, but also look charming and charming.

Therefore, V-neck clothing, 8-9 pants, etc., can create different effects on wearing, shaping style and accent. The key point is that this way of wearing will not appear heavy and light, on the contrary. And charming.

French style dressing plan coat + jeans

You can always believe in the temperament and aura that a coat brings to you. Although it may be a basic khaki coat, it can still create a different look and fashion sense when it is worn. Will look very accent.

In the choice of coat, everyone can choose the style of waist or tie. This pair of small and tall sisters will look very friendly. When wearing it, there is a sense of detail and a handsome effect. The lower body is matched with one. Blue jeans, simple and capable, and aura.

Khaki knitted skirt + boots

Knitted skirts are also an indispensable item in the autumn and winter seasons. Not only can they show more beauty when worn, they are also very gentle and atmospheric. When the knitted skirts and khaki colors are combined, they can indeed highlight the gentleness and charm. Incisively and vividly, it also looks very temperamental.

But knitted skirts are easy to get bloated, especially straight-shaped knitted skirts, so everyone can wear a belt to highlight the waist curve, and it will look like a line. Pairing with a pair of brown boots, it is so charming.

Red bottoming shirt + plaid skirt

For a single product like a bottoming shirt, it has to be said that it is indeed a very versatile existence. Whether it is worn alone or as an inner wear, it will highlight a different aesthetic and show a different style.

The burgundy self-cultivation bottoming shirt and the khaki plaid skirt can show more charm with the collision of colors. Finally, with a pair of boots, the style is elegant and lazy, and looks very fashionable.

So from the perspective of dressing, "French dressing" is very suitable for autumn and winter, and it has a sense of luxury when you wear it, and the rate of returning to the street is super high. You can also be beautiful in autumn and winter after learning it!

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