Grandma style jacket, stylish, warm and versatile!

Grandma style jacket, stylish, warm and versatile!

A coat is needed by every little fairy. It caters to the season and brings different styles to the dress. When it comes to coats, the first thing many people think of is the classic coat, but although the coat is stylish, it has high requirements on the figure, and not everyone can hold it.

Although some coats may feel a little trendy and fashionable at first glance, when matched, the unique vision is still eye-catching. Now the most popular is the "grandma style jacket", stylish and warm and versatile!

Analysis of "Grandma Style Jacket" Wearing

1. The characteristics of grandma style jacket

The retro grandma style jacket lacks some novelty in the vision. If the color is not very good, then it will show some rustic feeling and feel that it is not on the table. In fact, these styles are quite diverse. The fashionable feeling presented by them is very eye-catching. It is no wonder that although they look inconspicuous, they also attract many fashionable women. They can also be seen on the streets in autumn and winter. arrive.

2. Precautions for wearing grandma style jacket

The retro grandma style jacket is relatively simple, it looks very comfortable and comfortable to wear. It is a good partner with trousers, blending into the color splicing design, so as to interpret the simple and casual taste.

If you match it with an elegant skirt, it will become more feminine. It is also suitable for intellectual mature beauties, and it looks elegant in dress. It is also more suitable for everyday wear.

"Grandma Style Jacket" Collocation Demonstration

1. Grandma style jacket + trousers

The nine-point-length trousers are concise and casual. They look stylish and neat, and there is no sense of procrastination in the line of sight. The classic primary colors can be consistent with the color of the shoes, so as to create the continuity of the lower body.

Mid-length retro grandma style jacket, the silhouette is also very loose, the wearing is also more three-dimensional, and the body shape is also very tolerant, the solid color turtleneck inside, wears a sense of layering, and looks very beautiful .

Many people like to wear similar colors or the same color series. Choose the combination of adjacent colors, and the sense of layering is still deduced. For example, a loose retro grandma style jacket, the length is almost just over the hips, it looks simple to wear, and if the inner wear, it can also be matched with a longer than the outer jacket, so that you can wear a fashionable dress that is long inside and short outside, so that the sense of hierarchy is also changed. It has to be relatively strong, and with the help of heel shoes, the whole wearing style becomes more elegant.

2. Grandma style jacket + bag

Hollow and semi-permeable casual bags have become more and more popular in recent years. The items inside can be easily seen, making them relatively novel and attractive.

In the matching of the main clothing, the mid-length grandma style jacket with diamond embellishment can be lighter in color to bring out the whiteness of the complexion. The blessing of the brown bootcut trousers also makes the retro feel more full-bodied, and such a combination of wear is more suitable for daily life or commuting.

The combination of similar colors looks very simple and the overall coordination is quite high. It looks like a short grandma style jacket with a lighter tone, with some quilted designs, which interprets the layering on the clothes.

For the inner and bottom outfits, choose a combination of suits and suits to create a good connection, and there will be no dull feeling on the visual. Equipped with a color-contrasting handbag, the visual focus of the whole outfit is well-built, and the outfit design like this is also very outstanding.

3. Grandma style jacket + accessories

Exquisite accessories have both practicality and excellent decoration. For example, belts and scarves that are used relatively frequently are very suitable.

Combine it with a long-shaped grandma's shirt, and the layering and body optimization ratio are all very good to create. The matching of light-colored trousers also highlights the comparison of dress colors perfectly, which looks very outstanding, deducing the retro classic style.

A short grandma style jacket with some casual atmosphere, if the color combination is still chosen, then the fashion sense of the clothes will be well displayed.

With the short style of the inner wear, it is fashionable and simple, but it is not lost. The combination of a pair of high boots can also easily wear out the fashionable and sexy street wear. It is matched with sunglasses. The product wears a full-bodied street style, stylish and with a touch of retro accent.


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