Hooded suit = too casual? That's because you didn't wear a coat

Hooded suit = too casual? That's because you didn't wear a coat

The sports wind just blew through spring, summer and autumn, and it still didn't stop in winter. Match the sports suit directly in the coat. This match goes from the show to the street.

The most needed wardrobe items in autumn and winter, in addition to overcoats, sweaters and hoodies that can go out directly after you put them on are also indispensable essential clothing items, plus this year's popular home clothing craze, don’t need too much The embellishment, the neat and casual style is deeply controlled by the heart of simplicity.

And sports suits, single products to mix and match coats or windbreakers, blending the relaxed and cozy atmosphere into the frivolous momentum, colliding with new fashionable choices.

The hooded sports suit that has always been regarded as a home wear has the blessing of a coat, and it can also be a beautiful turnaround.

The high-end leather fabric looks quite capable of shaping the figure, especially the material with a sense of luster, even if it is paired with a calm black line, it will not look too serious.

This matching method is simple and convenient, and it does not necessarily require a complete suit. The key point is whether it feels comfortable to wear.

Sports suits do not require high body shape, but it is not easy to dress well. Appropriate exposure to the skin gives the styling layers and highlights, and it will never be sloppy because of wearing sportswear.

If you use a little thought, choose a set of zipper shirt suits with outstanding colors as the overcoat, the effect will be better than plain colors!

I believe many people are no strangers to this unreasonable teddy bear jacket, but you must never think that it has a soft and cute appearance and it is not inferior to dynamic sportswear.

Teddy bear jackets in other colors are also very colorful. It is worth noting that the choice of inner sportswear should be based on simple colors as much as possible, so as not to conflict with the heavy feeling of the jacket and cause too much emphasis to appear cumbersome.


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