How can there be no "boots" in autumn? These 3 kinds of boots are easy to use and fashionable, and they are super matching for autumn.

How can there be no "boots" in autumn? These 3 kinds of boots are easy to use and fashionable, and they are super matching for autumn.

Every year when it comes to autumn, everyone will turn out their beloved boots. It seems that a pair of boots can really mean the beginning of autumn. There are many types of boots, and different collocations will show different collocation styles, so I think If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you need to understand different styles of boots and know how to match them, so that you can use various styles of boots handily and find the one that suits you best.

How can there be no "boots" in autumn? How can there be no "boots" in autumn? Wearing boots is the real way to spend autumn. These three kinds of boots are easy to use and fashionable, and they are super matching for autumn.

1. Thick heel boots

In addition to fashion, many girls also pay great attention to comfort when wearing boots. If you want to take into account the sense of fashion and comfort when wearing boots, you can try to match thick heel boots. Thick heel boots can maximize To ensure the contact area between the sole and the ground, it can ensure enough comfort when wearing it, and it will not be tired for a long time.

When wearing thick-heeled boots, you can match a pair of 9-point pants. 9-point-length pants can show enough neatness. Paired with thick-heeled short boots, it is both western and stable. At the same time, when walking for a long time outdoors Don't worry about the negative effects of wearing tired feet.

When choosing thick-heeled boots, it’s best to choose a pointed style, especially for young ladies who want to increase their aura or want to show high and long legs. When wearing short boots, the thick-heeled design can be To increase comfort, the high-heeled design can extend the proportion of the legs and increase the aura, while the pointed design can make the calf look more slender and slender in disguise.

2. Martin boots

Thick-heeled boots are usually the kind of boots that older mature women prefer, while young girls prefer the handsome Martin boots. The flat-bottomed Martin boots can be worn with a neutral style. If you want to increase the height, you can also add an inner heightening pad inside, which can also show increased practicability while ensuring comfort.

The boots of Martin boots are generally in the style of short boots. Short boots do not have very high requirements for height. Therefore, this style of short boots is a very practical one.

The easiest and best color to use when wearing Martin boots is the basic black, which is very versatile, and there is no sense of contradiction whether it is matched with shorts or trousers.

If you want to wear Martin boots to show the effect of high and long legs, you can try the matching method of the same color. You can match a basic black overalls when wearing black Martin boots, and use the same color matching method. To show a sense of visual prolongation.

3. Over-the-knee boots

Compared with short boots, the probability of over-the-knee boots being used in daily wear is not very high, but the fashion sense of this kind of boots is unquestionable. When wearing knee-high boots, you can wear short skirts, shorts, up and down. They are all wrapped tightly, exposing the position from thigh to knee. This matching method has higher requirements for the leg shape, but for the young ladies with slender legs, this matching method is simply too beautiful.

Over-the-knee boots are usually fashionable, but the requirements for height are very high. Small girls are not suitable for wearing boots of this length. When matching, it is easy to show an uncontrollable effect because the legs are not long enough. For girls with long legs, this kind of over-the-knee boots with a mid-length top is enough to attract the eye when walking on the street.

Young ladies from Europe and the United States usually like to wear knee boots very much. This kind of more personalized item can show a sense of western style when it is worn. It can be matched with a moderately slim short dress. The graceful feeling is perfectly presented, and it can also be matched with a mid-length suit or a small leather jacket, and it becomes cool and cool in seconds.

In fact, the above introduced are only a few kinds of boots with a high application rate in daily wear. There are many types of boots and various matching methods. When using them, you must master the advantages and disadvantages of different styles, so that you can wear them. The effect of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

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