How to distinguish the quality of down jackets? Master these 7 points and understand at a glance

How to distinguish the quality of down jackets? Master these 7 points and understand at a glance

As soon as October is about to enter, the temperature drops sharply, and some places in the north have even begun to snow. To resist the cold, down jackets are the best choice. Therefore, it is time to start preparing for down jackets. There are many types of down jackets in various styles, thickness, length and price on the market. How to distinguish good from bad? This is also a skill. It can help you easily choose and make a decision to buy a superior down jacket that is light and thin, but at the same time warm and stylish, and looks good.

How to distinguish the quality of down jackets? You must first pay attention to the following issues:

[1] Touch your down jacket with your hands. If the fabric is thicker, you can touch the lining side and feel the fluff on your hands seriously. The high-quality down stuffing feels soft and does not contain any feathers, that is, it can't feel any foreign body (such as feather stalks), and it will quickly return to its original shape after being compressed by hand. On the contrary, the resilience is poor, and those with a foreign body sensation will be discounted.
[2] Check the down/feather mixing ratio of the filling. The best filling is 100% down, because it is the lightest, warmest and most durable filling. Feathers, or feathers with a higher proportion, are discounted. The higher the proportion of feathers, the worse. The ranking of down is white goose down, grey goose down, white duck down...

[3] Pat the jacket to check if there is dust on the fluff on the fabric. Dust is a sign of poor cleaning of down, and it directly affects the warmth and service life of down. Dust can also cause problems for people with allergies because it contains protein.

[4] Has the down on the clothes leaked out? If this is the case, then it’s best to let such a coat continue to hang on the shelf, and you can give it up, because the quality of this piece of clothing tends to deteriorate after use. It is very likely that when you take off the coat, the feathers of the suit will feel you It's the same as it just came out of the farm.

[5] Check the quality and function of the zipper. Zipper is a common accessory in down jackets and is often used, so the quality of the zipper is also very important, otherwise, once broken, the down jacket will lose its function of keeping out the cold. Usually YKK's zippers are recognized as the best quality. Many big brands use this brand of zippers, and they usually also have the YKK logo on the zippers.


[6] Check the washing instructions of the product. A good quality down jacket can withstand machine washing and drying, which should be clearly marked on the clothes. As far as the function and durability of down fillings are concerned, chemical cleaning is not the best solution. Therefore, read the washing instructions carefully, otherwise, improper handling may cause your down jacket to try to keep warm.

[7] Try on the upper body to find the feeling. A high-quality down jacket, when it is worn, it is easy to recognize its quality, such as lightness, comfort, and breathable warmth.

If you can remember the above suggestions, you can quickly tell the quality of down jackets. For down jackets, the rule is never to buy inferior down jackets. In addition to poor warmth, bad smell, continuous feathering or down coming out, these problems will make you very big and crazy. On the other hand, a good down jacket feels very comfortable the first time you wear it, and it will last a long time.

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