How to wear basic jeans to look high-class and elegant?

How to wear basic jeans to look high-class and elegant?

In the romantic country of France, every woman is a natural exquisite person. The collocation in their daily life is calm and easy-going, and their demeanor is full of lazy temperament, and they always have their own unique elegance in dressing.

I have to admit that French women have a high aesthetic and can show the most common items more refined and textured. It is not difficult to find that many French women like to match jeans, but the feeling of wearing them is similar to ordinary people. The style is different.

From their jeans collocation, we can see the elegant, even intellectual style. Many people will also have doubts about this. Why do French women wear jeans more? After reading the following combinations, you will realize that there is another mystery.

Reason 1: Fashion has classics, and there is no restriction on collocation

For French women, they prefer a free fashion style. As long as the outfit can reflect enthusiasm and freedom, it doesn't matter how ordinary it is worn, so jeans naturally become a match target.

Most French women wear jeans in their daily lives. They will not make their style too popular, but try to make the match look more ceremonial.

For example, with a formal suit jacket, this method can effectively enhance the texture of the jeans themselves and make the style look more advanced.

Reason 2: Simple styles, diverse styles

The style represented by jeans can be classic retro style, age-reducing temperament style, or even lazy casual style. Although the style of jeans is simple, the style is more diverse.

The style of jeans can be adapted according to the style of the matching item. For example, with a gentle knitted sweater, the style will become more intellectual and elegant.

If the combined single product is mainly a long black coat with full personality, then the style of jeans will immediately have a clean and neat feeling, which makes people feel that this combination is very aura.

Reason 3: Color foundation, more plasticity

The color of most jeans is mainly dark blue, and a small part of the color is mainly light. Whether it is dark blue or light blue, it is actually a neutral color.

It is also equivalent to a basic color, so there is no difficulty in matching. You can create a variety of styles according to your own preferences. The blue itself is relatively more plastic.

No matter how basic jeans are, in the eyes of French women, they are the representative of romance.

Although jeans have a high degree of plasticity, the colors are relatively simple, so in the matching, use contrasting colors as much as possible to make the style look more interesting.

For example, matching a black top, choosing red flat shoes, matching blue jeans, red and blue itself are contrasting colors, this way can make wearing a stronger sense of fashion, thereby enhancing the recognition of the match.

For classic items, we must choose the same classic items to create a new style. You can try classic high-waisted jeans to match a plaid coat, although the styles of the two items are ordinary.

But you can create a stronger sense of atmosphere and make your daily collocation look more stylish. If you want to have a better warmth effect, then choose a heavy sweater as a base, and there is no problem wearing it for the winter.

For French women, in daily life, denim pants are not chosen, and wide-leg pants are the main version. This kind of pants is more elegant.

Can set off the temperament more decent, with a long coat and jeans leg pants, choose a girly beret, the style naturally presents a French high-level sense.

If you are still worrying about daily collocation, you might as well take a look at how French women use jeans to create daily wear styles.

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