How to wear ins style, simplicity is the key, retro and romantic wear is too touchy!

How to wear ins style, simplicity is the key, retro and romantic wear is too touchy!

I believe many friends know ins, a super interesting app, so are there any bloggers you like to wear on it? I don't know if you have found that the bloggers on ins are very good at wearing them, and they have a sense of high-level. Today, I will take you to see those simple and classic ins wear.

Different from the fresh and sweet Korean style, in European and American aesthetics, more attention is paid to the comfort brought by clothes. For a piece of clothing, good-looking is the added value, and function is its main value, so many The outfits tend to be simple and comfortable. Just like this set, a blue denim jacket with a set of white inner wear, a white t-shirt, white slim jeans, and even backpacks, shoes, and belts are all woven models, which are close to nature and have a strong sense of leisure. .

The striped long sleeves of the British style are also super-standard aesthetics in Europe and America. Parallel stripes repeatedly run through the whole piece of clothing. It looks very three-dimensional and has excellent ability to look thin. With a pair of dark jeans, it has a retro and romantic British atmosphere.

Simple white shirt with denim skirt, this should be worn by many friends, white with denim blue, such a youthful look is really versatile, it is a campus style, it is indeed very good Energetic, but even if it walks out of campus and enters society, it still has a sense of maturity and stability, and it will not appear naive.

The white short-sleeved and high-waisted half-length skirts are a good match. The combination of them has the vigor of a teenager, some sports and leisure atmosphere, but also has the elegant femininity brought by the long skirt, and the high-waisted skirt The star-dotted pattern makes the whole person's temperament a bit retro, and a pair of canvas sneakers makes people feel that this dress is very age-reducing.

The texture of cotton and linen shirts is different. Its natural, comfortable and casual feeling makes people very comfortable. The whole person will appear to be non-aggressive, very gentle, and as a fabric, Its breathability and skin-friendly feel are superb. The low-saturation khaki shirt and light-colored denim shorts make the whole person a little quieter.

The polka dots of this skirt are very dense, and can even make people feel dizzy. Repeated patterns superimposed and used, so that the monotonous skirt itself is enriched at once. While dizziness is produced, its visual effect can also be thinner. A black belt is used as an embellishment to perfectly present the waist line. In fact, the position of the waist has been improved, and the proportions have also become better. It is very long.

These two outfits can be worn as girlfriends, super harmonious. Look at this black set. The color scheme is a simple black and white color. The overall oversize shirt and straight-leg pants have a very good drape. It is casual but does not cover up the temperament. The white long skirt is more careful than loose. It has an elastic band at the waist. Viewed from the front, it is completely a waist-waisted dress. It is very temperamental. Slightly exposed waist, a little sexy.

Red is an extremely jumping color. It looks very festive. The red polka dots have a more retro taste besides sexy. From the design point of view, this skirt is also very good, with a vest-like upper body and ruffles. The design looks very sweet, but the strap-style deep V is sexy and feminine. Even the lower body is an ingenious design-the button-style split ends, which has a sense of design.

The gray striped long sleeves look exceptionally cool, and the light gray is very calm. With a pair of gray casual pants, the neutral look looks more refreshing and clean. The simple style is very suitable for daily life and takes into account the comfort. It’s not just about personality, but it’s more affinity, and it’s also very suitable for commuting to work.

The all-black or all-white small suits also look very personal. The two have little difference in styles and collocations. The suits bring excellent temperament, and the design of the pants is very suitable for the hot summer. White is more elegant and feminine; while black is more cool, it is very handsome for such a neutral outfit.

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