How to wear the black coat without looking boring?  13 Ways to Style a Basic Black Winter Coat

How to wear the black coat without looking boring? 13 Ways to Style a Basic Black Winter Coat

Although there are many classic coats that become popular every quarter, if you want to use one of them to achieve 100 non-repetitive and cool outfits, it is still our "black coat" that has the highest appearance rate——

Speaking of "black coat", my friends must think that it is just a safety card that is not easy to make mistakes in the wardrobe. In fact, after the successful counterattack of neutral style and minimalist style in the past two years, this seemingly conventional foundation is actually infinitely charming. The classic items have become the top iconic items on the street. The casual and casual can not only help you to coexist with elegance and temperament, but also can truly show the fashionable atmosphere of "thin and tall". .

1 Black coat + sweater

In the past two years, the fashion circle has been affected by the environment and has been wearing simple and casual styles. As a well-deserved cool trendy interior, sweaters are naturally popular with hipsters. Combining it with the black coat group CP is both comfortable and casual and daily advanced. It perfectly interprets the golden rule that the simpler and more attractive it is.

The mix and match of a black coat with a slimming filter and a light-colored sweater or a sweater suit is also a particularly harmonious combination CP. The lazy, charming and handsome fashion charm not only makes your autumn and winter outfits look very high-end chic, It can also help you hit the essence of gender-neutral collocation.

2 Black coat + turtleneck sweater

The warm and elegant turtleneck sweater is undoubtedly the best match for the coat. The gentle and delicate texture and the black coat group CP can not only balance the monotony brought by the coat, but also enrich the modeling level, so as to achieve a slim and aura full of air. Style. Even your daily commute can help you look even better.

If you want to look more charming, you can also use the fashion rule of "outside long and inside short" to highlight the personality and uniqueness of the overall collocation.

3 Black coat + white bottoming shirt

The trendy colors will be updated every year, but black and white have become the most timeless classics that everyone wears, especially in autumn and winter, using black coats and white bottoming shirts to join forces, the shape instantly becomes refreshing and charming, Retro free and easy.

Like this kind of color combination that looks classic and simple, but also has advanced texture and content, not only does not choose the occasion and body shape, even a novice can instantly stand out from the crowd, and the end of the trend will never jump out of black+ White!

4 black coat + shirt

As a single product that is just needed in the four seasons, the ever-changing attributes of shirts, whether playing with French elegance or neutrality, are undoubtedly a rhythm that is easy to come by. When it is combined with the black coat group CP, the fashionable charm and temperament of both rigidity and softness are instantly swept away. There is a surge, and the charm of wearing it alone is gentle and generous.

5 Black coat + sweater layered

Tired of wearing regular styles, the sweaters that will be popular in autumn and winter, and the black coat group CP are undoubtedly the most warm and western ace in charge, whether they are layered with a V-neck sweater over a shirt or a sweater with a small turtleneck, they can Instantly eliminate the dull taste of the black coat, and the rich and thin modeling layering power can also help you create an effortless tall and fashionable.

6 black coat + suit

Looking at the current trends in winter, coats + suits can be described as occupying a very high rate of appearance. Using "long + short" to improve visual contrast, it is the best choice to be stylish and high-end, while enriching warmth and keeping warm. In addition to being free and easy, the casual and uninhibited nature is who wears it and bombs!

7 black coat + jeans

To say that the strongest high-value combination routine in autumn and winter is definitely a black coat + jeans. This pair of CP is the most practical, stylish and textured.

The handsome and elegant black coat is balanced with the casual daily life of jeans. With the help of ankle boots, there is an indescribable light and mature femininity between looking tall and thin.

If you want to look more casual and natural in winter, use a black outline coat and jeans to set up CP. The retro tone and simplicity formed visually can amaze the audience without deliberately. This kind of matching routine even if you are wearing flat shoes It can also open and hang both aura and temperament.

8 Black coat + shark pants

Since last year, wearing leggings has become a beautiful scene on the street. Using the cool and handsome black coat to match the casual foundation of shark pants, you can easily wear 5kg and 5cm taller. Proportion, if you want the shape to look more casual and casual, the sneakers are stacked with mid-tube socks, which is cool and the most easy chic

The most important thing is the shark trousers with their own lightness index, which can not only play a very good role in trimming and showing thinness, but also can fully expose and create a slender and straight long-legged vision with chimney boots.

Black coat + wide leg pants

Although wide-leg trousers are not as popular as before, the advantage of wide-legged trousers has been continued in other versions of trousers. Combining it with a black coat has both elegant and handsome, casual and lazy coexisting dressing style, It's good to wear + looks good.

Wearing a pair of sneakers for daily commuting, the black coat instantly supports the high-level scene, but makes the look more comfortable and fashionable.

10 Black coat + cigarette pants

The long coat and cigarette pants are a pair of eye-catching CPs that are perfect for each other. They not only meet the needs of commuting and elegant, but also can be used in daily wear to smash passers-by with their unique charm and excellent temperament.

Although it is a taboo to expose your ankles in  winter, with the help of short boots, even a nine-point style can keep the warmth on your body. Wearing a black coat with a sultry fashion charm is simply beautiful and thin.

11 Black coat in the same color

All black, who once exploded the fashion circle this year, is simply the king who wears it in winter, and we use the black coat + small black trousers group CP to interpret the chic style effortlessly when walking with the wind.

However, if you wear the same color as a black coat, we recommend nine-point trousers + short boots to help. While holding the warmth, the short trousers design can also increase the visual hierarchy.

12 Black coat + knitted skirt

The autumn and winter seasons have always been the home of knitted skirts. They can be worn alone to show elegance and intellectuality, and they can also be layered with black coats to play cool and handsome on the street. With the help of short boots or long boots, they are even more retro and coexist.

The knitted skirt with its own gentle attributes can not only balance the rigid A breath of the coat to a large extent, but also solve the goal of commuting to work who are too late to choose an inner layer and want to dress exquisitely.

13 Black coat + fairy skirt

The fairy skirt with romantic age reduction has always been the temperament choice of the most versatile girls in the wardrobe, especially for girls who are not confident in their figure, use the tolerance of the skirt and the sense of atmosphere to layer the black coat, control the French high-end and can bring more Give you the most interesting and feminine street style!

And this kind of matching routine does not choose shoes at all. Sneakers, flat shoes and short boots can help you create the most effortless style.



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