I am not tall enough, how do I choose when wearing Martin boots? If you choose the right one, you can modify the shape of the legs and still show up.

I am not tall enough, how do I choose when wearing Martin boots? If you choose the right one, you can modify the shape of the legs and still show up.

For many women, dressing is often the best way for everyone to show their beauty and uniqueness. For more women, dressing is the most important way for us to cover up our lack of figure and make ourselves more beautiful.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, you can go to a more beautiful self through dressing. This is also the meaning of dressing that we often say.

Therefore, in dressing, no matter what fashion trend or hot item, we must serve us who wear it and meet our body characteristics and conditions.

This year's popular Martin boots, when we wear them, we must also create more beautiful visual effects for us. In fact, Martin boots have certain requirements for body shape. If small women want to wear Martin boots, they must understand a few points. Avoid these problems so that everyone can choose Martin boots and wear Martin boots. It seems more comfortable when it comes to boots.
·The choice of Martin boots should be appropriate

For small women, it is often necessary to pay special attention to the selection of Martin boots. Whether it is the length or style of Martin boots, it will affect our wearing effect.
Below, let us start with the selection of Martin boots to the rules, and see how a little guy can choose a pair of Martin boots that suits him, to complete his own fashionable and stylish Martin boots~

1. Length

As a trend item in the fashion circle in recent years, Martin boots have many styles for everyone to choose from. Whether it is an ankle boot Martin boots with a length near the ankle, or a mid-tube Martin boots in the lower part of the calf, or a long-tube Martin boots under the knee, it can bring us different Martin boots. The same wear effect.
Of course, Martin boots of different lengths will also affect our wear and determine whether our wear can suit our body characteristics, so choosing Martin boots with the right length is also the first step we need to do.

For tall girls or women with longer legs, the choice of Martin boots length is more casual. Because of the superior body condition, we can choose Martin boots of various lengths to wear, and they will not appear short or fat.

But for small girls, the length of Martin boots is closely related to the length of our legs, because the leg length of small girls may not be as good as tall ones, so when choosing Martin boots, you must be more Notice.

For small women, the mid-tube Martin boots are not suitable. They will visually block the smooth leg lines. The length of the calf just can't modify our legs well, but it will look like the legs. It's bloated, so it looks short and thick visually.

Relatively speaking, Martin boots with the length of ankle boots or Martin boots under the knee are more suitable for our small women. The length of ankle boots can well show the lines of the legs and can also cover the ankles of the legs. Place, make the lines more smooth. Martin boots under the knee can visually extend the length of the calf to the instep, directly extending our calf by 5cm, and it will look very tall.

2. Style

When small women choose Martin boots, in addition to choosing the length of Martin boots, they must also be able to understand the different visual effects brought about by the different styles of Martin boots.

Generally speaking, Martin boots choose the design of the boot straps, and the toe caps are mostly rounded arcs. This design can often show the slenderness of our legs well, thus emphasizing the vertical direction visually. Lines, to achieve a significant effect. Therefore, the traditional classic Martin boots can help small women appear taller.

However, if everyone chooses some improved styles when choosing Martin boots, for example, in autumn and winter, in order to better keep warm, many Martin boots combine the design of snow boots to create a thicker style. At this time, the original design advantages of Martin boots no longer exist.
On the contrary, this kind of too heavy Martin boots will also give people a horizontal extension visually, so that our legs look thick and short, which is very inappropriate for small women to wear.

·Appropriate clothing collocation

On the basis of choosing Martin boots, we need to properly reflect the style and personality of Martin boots in our outfits. It can be said that if we can choose the right single product to wear, it is enough to make the style of Martin boots more Show it clearly and accurately.

In addition, if we can pay more attention to the details in the outfit, it can also help small women to complete the tall Martin boots, making our style more advanced.

1. Bottom

When choosing Martin boots to match, the most intuitive connection should be the visual connection between the boots and the bottoms. Although the style of Martin boots is more cool and casual, whether they are matched with skirts or pants, they can be well integrated and digested. This versatile skill is also Martin boots that can become the most popular shoes in autumn and winter. One of the reasons.
Therefore, in the outfit, we can boldly choose our favorite items for matching, and can show the style of Martin boots, and then we can complete the successful Martin boots style.

It should be noted that if small women want to look taller, they can pay more attention to the position of the waistline when matching Martin boots. We must choose high-waisted bottoms for matching, which can improve the waistline well, thereby lengthening the proportion of our legs in the vision, giving people a visual effect of long legs.

In addition, you can also choose to secretly add some heightening pads in Martin boots, or unknowingly combine the high waist design, let us grow 10cm tall.

2. Jacket

When pairing Martin boots with a jacket, small girls only need to pay attention to the choice of jacket length.

Generally speaking, in autumn and winter, people often choose long coats to wear. But if a small woman chooses an ankle-length jacket, it will be more compact, and coupled with the thicker Martin boots, it will make our legs look bloated and look shorter.

If you want to control a long coat, you can choose the length above and below the calf. This length is more friendly to small girls, and it is easier to match Martin boots to complete a stylish, simple and high-profile outfit.


The fashion trend of Martin boots is likely to continue. For us, choosing a suitable pair of Martin boots to wear is likely to mean getting a pair of shoes that will not be out of date in the next few years.
I hope that in your daily wear, you can continue to pay attention to details, and through continuous matching to complete the best wear effect of the single product, so that our wear can truly serve ourselves.

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