If you don't know these ten popular elements of the autumn and winter of 2021/22, how can you wear it with a sense of fashion?

If you don't know these ten popular elements of the autumn and winter of 2021/22, how can you wear it with a sense of fashion?

Exaggerated shoulder profile

Seeing this title, you will definitely think of the wide shoulder pads that once swept the streets and alleys in the 1980s. Yes, that's right, this once popular element has now returned to the public's field of vision.

In this season's autumn and winter fashion week, almost all major brands have designs that emphasize the presence of the shoulders.

The difference is that in this season's show, the shoulder pad elements are not only used in suits, jackets and other coats, but also in knitting, dresses and even sweaters.

Although the element of shoulder pads is exaggerated enough, this design is indeed very imposing. Wearing such clothing, the personal aura will be fully opened in an instant.

The combination of shoulder pads + knitted sweaters is exaggerated and retro, without losing feminine femininity.

Different from the 1980s, this season, on the basis of emphasizing the shoulder pad elements, the major brands have not forgotten to shape a slim waist. The exaggerated shoulder pads contrast with the slender waist. They are smart and neat, feminine , and have a balanced beauty.


Contrast stitching

This season, autumn and winter, not only the popular colors are much brighter than before, but the designers also try their best to use contrast stitching to create bright and colorful effects.

Through the collision of different colors, a strong visual effect is formed, which is fashionable and bold, and has a unique personality.

The splicing application of large color blocks has a more fashionable and trendy effect.

In addition to color contrast stitching, stitching designs with different materials are more common in the 2021 autumn and winter designs. Such as the collision of leather, knitting, silk, down and conventional materials, and combining the collision of different materials on the basis of color collision, so that the overall effect and texture are enhanced, and the layers are more abundant.


Stripes are an enduring element in the fashion circle. The autumn and winter stripes of 2021 can be said to be infinite charm. Wide stripes, thin stripes, horizontal stripes, and vertical stripes emerge endlessly, which is full of fun.


Playfulness, lightness, and nobility are the feeling that feathers bring to people, and it is the display of the unique strength of women.

In the 2021 autumn and winter design, the colors and expressions of feather elements are no longer single, showing diversified expressions.


Don't think that the tassel element is outdated. The tassels on the bottom of the box in the wardrobe of the little masters, in the autumn and winter of this season, might as well take it out to bask in the sun. However, in the fashion trend of this season, tassels are not the free and easy and elegant of the past, but the coexistence of multiple styles.

Even with a somewhat rough, bohemian style. It is no longer limited to just the decorative elements of clothes, this season's tassels have boldly become decorative elements of accessories.

Retro plaid

The retro checkered pattern has been sought after by fashionistas since the fall and winter last year. This season, autumn and winter, it is still the main force of the trend, and there is no intention to leave!

Although the plaid is good-looking, it is really attractive, especially the light-colored large plaid. It's okay to make a minimalist style coat. If you make pants, it will be very easy to get fat. Moreover, the wide checkered pattern also requires a strong enough aura to control it.

Compared with large grids, small grids with less chromatic aberration are very easy to control. In this warm autumn, you might as well wear a light plaid suit jacket, and simply pair it with a T-shirt to easily become the focus of fashion.


Under the trend of handsome and neutral style, neat and simple suits have become the mainstream trend of fashion trends. The suit is not only an excellent single product to create an urban elite style, but its capable shape is full of aura, modern and fashionable.

How popular is the suit this season? Nine out of ten are wearing! In the autumn and winter of 2021, there is not a suit that suits you, and there is a feeling of being out of touch with the times.


Leather clothing is not a popular new category this year. I have seen a lot of leather products on the stage of International Fashion Week last year. However, this season's leather products, in addition to continuing the colorful colors of last year, are more delicate and soft in leather material.

The combination of leather elements and autumn can not only create a warm atmosphere, but also create a cool look for women.

Whether it's a leather skirt or a leather jacket, the clean style will make people want to have it!

Jewelry sequins

Under the prevalence of nostalgia and retro style, the sequin elements of Disco in the 90s left a deep impression on the 2021 autumn and winter fashion week. As the perfect combination of luxury and sexy, sequins make women's personality charm to the extreme!

Knitted products

In the global epidemic, people have a strong desire for comfort deep in their hearts. The softness and warmth of knitted products just meet the current people's desire for comfort.

This season, autumn and winter, knitwear uses knit texture, crocheted patterns and different tailoring designs, showing a variety of knitting styles.

Knitted products of the same color, elegant and dignified, are an excellent single product to create a sense of luxury this season.



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