Indispensable for winter coats! From color to accessories analysis of windbreaker wearing skills, warm and fashionable

Indispensable for winter coats! From color to accessories analysis of windbreaker wearing skills, warm and fashionable

The fashion that you want to wear in this season is not bloated, and coats are absolutely indispensable. At the same time, the matching of the coat is also very particular. If you are not careful, it is easy to wear a bloated sense of sight. Now, let's analyze how to wear the coat to keep warm and fashion.

1. Classification of coats

1. Color

First of all, we need to choose the right color. Outstanding colors can make the look more eye-catching.

The sky blue lapel coat is very good, the style is simple and generous, it is the favorite of European and beauty stars. At the same time, the style of this kind of coat is relatively long, which can also keep the legs warm to a certain extent.

The other is army green. This color was popular in the fashion circle in the past few years. It is worth mentioning that it is extremely friendly to any skin tone. The black star upper body effect will also have its own charming special effects.

Long coats may not be suitable for short girls to try, but tall girls are super aura.

The most versatile color is undoubtedly gray. As the king of dark colors, gray is particularly popular this season.

Generally speaking, the clothes of this color are very good. Although it is loose, it can also play a role in self-cultivation. With a low-cut sling, it can also add a full sense of luxury.

2. Style

In addition to the color, the style of the coat is also very important. A well-shaped coat can invisibly enhance your personal charm.

In the coat session, the looser the version, the better the personal aura. The more classic collocation is to wear a light gray suit inside to easily show the capable and feminine style of walking.

Loose coats can also modify their proportions at certain times. We often say that people with right-angled shoulders will have more temperament.

Coats can also help us modify the shortcomings of our shoulders. It is also very obvious for the display of aura and temperament. Even if the color is not outstanding, it still has an unforgettable feeling.

Second, the matching of coats

1. The choice of shoes

There are also many considerations for the selection of coat shoes, because if we are not careful, the effect of our matching will not look good.

The most classic is naturally boots. For people who are not so slender in legs, boots can create the sense of sight of long legs at a specific time, and it will be more perfect with a coat.

With boots, short boots are naturally indispensable. Unlike boots, short boots are more suitable for short girls to try. Because proper skin exposure can increase the focus of the styling, it is not so short in terms of visual effects.

2. Choice of bags

In the whole set of styling, the bag can play a great role. Sometimes your styling looks messy, but because of the blessing of the bag, it will look more layered.

A large handbag with a coat is not bloated at all, but because it is made of fleece, it looks quite cute.

If conditions permit, it is recommended that you choose a larger bag. First of all, there will be a lot of things that can be loaded, and secondly, it can have a good concave shape.

For people with poor body proportions, you need to have a bag to neutralize it. This contrasting leather handbag is very good.

3. The choice of pants

If you are worried that you can’t control such a style, it is recommended that you choose pants that are similar in color to the coat. The pants and top of the lower body are the same color and are looser. You can immediately make the look richer and layered without looking too much. unexpected.

It is said that jeans are very versatile, and the combination with the coat is also stunning to the naked eye. The jeans themselves are casual styles.

But after wearing a coat, there is a little more ladylike atmosphere. No wonder the previous generations always said that "all things can be seen can be matched with jeans". This sentence also makes sense. There is no specific requirement for the jeans version. You can Choose according to your body shape.

Wearing a coat in autumn and winter can give you the feeling of a hot drama heroine in minutes. Of course, the prerequisite is that your coat must match well.

If you don’t know how to match it recently because of the season change, you can try the above collocation method, maybe you will find yourself so beautiful.

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