It is now popular to wear "sheets  pants", which looks thin, versatile and tall!

It is now popular to wear "sheets pants", which looks thin, versatile and tall!

It is not difficult to know from the name of "sheet pants", this is a kind of lazy trousers, the check pattern like bedsheets is quite retro, the pants are slightly longer and have a touch of floor pants, very suitable for matching high heels or long pants in autumn and winter. Boots, nine-cent jeans keep warmer. The straight version of the trousers has a good drape feeling. It is easy to wear it to show the height and leg length. Compared with the ever-changing style of jeans, the checked linen trousers have a simple version and can be matched with most tops. This is the versatile and fashionable "sweet pants" that Xiaobai is looking for.

1. Sheet pants + sweater

Sweater is a hand-made item in all girls' wardrobes, but if you are still wearing sweaters and jeans, it is too outdated. There are many colors of sweaters, and it is always monotonous to match jeans. You might as well try a nice and comfortable one. Linen pants, plaid elements are very eye-catching, pay attention to the combination of upper and lower colors, uniform color system or appropriate color contrast is very good, will make people shine, such as navy blue plaid pants with a red sweater, it looks like a woman Taste without losing competence.

Although they are called bed sheet pants, they are quite wide, so don't worry about them being sloppy or like pajama pants. Regular plaid patterns will produce a sense of contraction visually, which can be thin and can modify the shape of the legs. It is very friendly to girls with a pear-shaped body. You can choose the type of pants according to the different version of the sweater. For example, a slim sweater can be matched with high-waisted bed linen pants, which can easily wear a long legs of 1.8 meters.

2. Sheet pants + suit

Office workers often wear neutral-style tops such as suits, and autumn and winter are no exception. However, suits and jeans are not only not elegant enough, but also cannot withstand the ever-decreasing temperature. At this time, you need a pair of high-quality bed linen pants. The black, white and gray checkered color is the most classic. It looks retro and fashionable, and does not affect the aura of a strong woman at all. You can also hold the elegant temperament when you go out on the street. Pay attention to the uniform tone of the whole body, it will look more textured, and the small details will make you more refined.

It is best to choose a low-saturation hue when matching a suit, otherwise it will appear very uncoordinated. Beige, apricot, gray, etc. are all very advanced. It is recommended that you choose textures and fabrics. When matching suits, try not to use contrasting colors. It is very unusual and looks very earthy. When choosing a style, carefully study the pattern of the bed linen pants. , The bed linen pants with more obvious vertical stripes are more suitable for matching with neutral tops, creating a capable and simple style.

3. Sheet pants + cotton coats

Bed linen pants do not rely mainly on style as a selling point like jeans. Plaid fabrics generally use a very delicate knitting method. The upper body feels very thick, with good thermal performance and high-level version. It is most suitable to match with cotton clothes, because although cotton clothes are warm, they will inevitably appear bloated on the upper body. Choosing a pair of bedclothes with a wide fabric can neutralize the dullness of wearing the whole body. Student parties can refer to it and look youthful and lively.

When matching fluffy tops such as cotton coats, you should pay attention to your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and create a rich layering visually, so that you won't be fat. So try to choose sheets and pants with a larger checkered pattern, the small checkered will magnify body defects. The main color of this linen pants in the picture above is caramel color and top. The plaid is embedded with high-contrast white vertical stripes, which can visually lengthen the legs, which is tall and not bloated.

The choice of trousers in autumn and winter often requires a lot of thought. If you accidentally wear it into a fat and bloated aunt, the newly popular bed linen pants seem to be born for the little fairy who is tired of wearing jeans. This year's most popular grid element application The trousers are really fashionable, and the editor has also been planted by the "sheet pants".

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